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Asian Languages

The Asian Languages Programs at Montclair State offer Chinese, Japanese, and Korean courses.

Asian Languages and Cultures (36-42 credits)

Chinese (18 credits)
Japanese (18 credits)
Korean (18 credits)
Asian Languages (18 credits)

Students learning Asian Caligraphy

Why Asian Languages and Cultures?

  • Chinese is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean, among other Asian languages, are critical languages as defined by the State Department.
  • Asia’s civilizations offer non-Western perspectives and cross-cultural understanding to American students.
  • China, Japan, and Korea have been three of America’s top six trading partners since 2013 (United States Census Bureau).
  • Asia plays a key role in global affairs and America’s foreign policy.
  • Asia is home to nearly 60% of the total world population.

What have students who have studied Asian languages done beyond MSU?

  • Taught English in Korea, Japan
  • Won the highly prestigious Critical Language Scholarship offered by the State Department
  • Hired by a Taiwanese company
  • Attended law school
  • Pursued a Master’s Degree in Teaching

If you would like to learn more about the Asian Languages at Montclair State University, contact Dr. Wing Shan Ho, Coordinator of Asian Languages Programs.