What Is NEST?

NEST (Network Engagement and Student/Staff Transactions) has replaced WESS as the primary student and staff web front-end gateway at Montclair State University. NEST has streamlined many processes that once relied on human intervention. These processes include the rich capability of self-services advisement (to augment traditional advisement) for degree auditing, fee and tuition real-time payments and “one-click” (single sign-on) access to other applications such as TouchNET, Degree Works, Self-Service Banner and more.


  • Deliver easy-to-use, self-service tools for students, staff and faculty
  • Send effective, timely and meaningful communications
  • Let users teach, share and manage information easily through online environments
  • Automate workflows to simplify system management and administrative processes

Getting To NEST

NEST is LIVE! Come To The NEST, Now!

Access to tools and services through NEST is based on your role at the University or granted after attending system training. This means that what you see in NEST may not be the same as what someone else sees within NEST. Even two students, depending on certain criteria like Financial Aid may have access to different features on their NEST homepage.

Student Views

Students are able to:

  • Access their degree audit through Degree Works
  • Pay their tuition statement and payment history and pay their bills/enroll in a payment plan
  • Pay housing deposits
  • Pay new student deposits
  • Register for classes and access the course catalog/schedule of classes
  • Review financial aid information
  • Set up a direct deposit account for refund dispersement
  • Update personal and emergency contact information
  • View and complete Financial Aid requirements and checklists including accepting Financial Aid awards.
  • View important announcements
  • View upcoming fall registration information

Faculty & Staff Views

Faculty and staff may access NEST for a variety of different purposes depending on their role at the University. For example, Academic Advisors would access NEST and navigate to Degree Works. Here, they would find a list of their advisees and access their advisees’ degree audits in order to properly prepare their students for registration. Faculty would access NEST in order to view their class rosters, input grades or verify student attendance for financial aid purposes.

Depending on the role, faculty and employees may need additional access to certain academic applications within NEST. Additional access to certain systems is only available after attending training for that particular system. For more information about these training courses, please visit the Student Services Training website.

Montclair State also has additional learning resources and tutorials available online! To access these learning resources, please visit the Learning Resources website.

More To Come

NEST is constantly evolving with more and more features being added as time goes on. Keep an eye out for future communication about new features being added to NEST!

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NEST & Registration FAQs and Step-by-Step job aids & videos.

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