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Mission and Vision

The Program Management Office (PMO) is charged with applying repeatable, consistent and proven project and portfolio management frameworks to ensure due diligence in project planning, selection and execution in order to help Montclair State university achieve its mission and strategic objectives. In other words, doing the right things (efforts and investments that promote the University’s objectives) in the right way (thorough planning and excellence in execution).

The focus is threefold:

  • Managing the portfolio such that the investments we make in time, effort and money are aligned and prioritized with organizational goals.
  • Effectively planning projects such that the outcomes, resource requirements technology changes, risks and budgetary requirements are clear and improve project success rates.
  • Delivering projects with the desired outcomes, within the planned budget and on time as planned

Doing the right things in the right way.

The Program Management Office mission is to:

  • Establish a standardized and repeatable process to understand the University’s strategic objectives and how technology can be used to help meet those objectives
  • Create a portfolio view of all investments in IT including priorities and dependencies
  • Establish the process of defining the projects that provide the greatest value to the University in order to establish the priority for investments in IT projects
  • Eliminate duplicate projects and redundant initiatives
  • Define project scope in order to provide the maximum benefit to the University
  • Define the methodology that allows for the implementation of best practices across the organization
  • Establish an inventory of artifacts and strategic plans to maximize business utility
  •  Maximize the utility of existing resources (project and technical resources are shared across the University)

The organizations that can out-execute other organizations are the ones that succeed.

– Gartner