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Delivering Value

What do we mean by delivering value?

If creating value is about focusing on the right things. Delivering value is ensuring we are doing things the right way. By the right way we mean things are adequately planned and delivered as efficiently as possible. This is where the project methodology comes into play and defines the key aspects for initiation, panning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing of projects. Key aspects are:

Scope Management

Scope Management is the process of identifying the work required to complete the project.

Time Management

Time Management is the process of organizing and planning the time spent on the project activities to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Cost Management

Cost Management is the process of managing the cost of a project. This includes planning, estimating and budgeting to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget.

Quality Management

Quality Management is the process of ensuring that the product delivered at the end of the project meets the requirements and expectations of the stakeholders. Through quality planning, quality assurance and quality control the project activities and tasks will be maintained at the desired level of excellence.

Resource Management

Resource Management is the process of ensuring that the right resources are made available at the right time for the right tasks.

Communications Management

Communications Management is the process involved in the generation, collection, distribution, storage and retrieval of project information. Through the identification of stakeholders, communications plan, distribution of information, managing stakeholder expectations and reporting performance, all members of the project team are kept abreast of progress of the project.

Risk Management

Risk Management is the process involved in identifying, assessing and prioritizing potential risks and setbacks for a project. It also involves providing strategies to manage those risks including the steps to be taken to prevent the risk from occurring and/or reduce the impact of the risk.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management is the process of establishing relationships with outside vendors and suppliers for goods and services needed to complete a project.

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