FMS Update – System Access / Cater Trax / Adaptive FY ‘16 Budget Variance Reports / Updated Cash Transmittal Form

Dear Montclair State University Campus Community,

Following please find some updates and additional information pertaining to the PeopleSoft FMS implementation:

System Access & Role Assignment

One of the recurring issues we have identified during our first weeks after the FMS go-live is System Access and Role Assignment.  FMS system access is determined by you having attended the relevant training associated with your assigned role.  If you believe you have been assigned the incorrect role (i.e. you need to be a Purchase Requisition Approver versus a Requester,) please complete a PeopleSoft FMS Security Access Request form and submit to you Department Manager for approval.

Cater Trax

The catering requisition process has changed with the implementation of PeopleSoft FMS.  Catering can still be scheduled via the Cater Trax website but must then be confirmed in FMS.  An interface between Cater Trax and FMS exists such that information entered into the Cater Trax system will then be available for requisition in FMS.  A user will need to have a Purchase Requisition Requester role in FMS and confirm a requisition for catering.  Training material for this process is located here under “Create Requisition – Catering”:

Once the Purchase Requisition is confirmed it will need to be approved by the Department’s Purchase Requisition Approver.  Both the Purchase Requisition Requester and Approver roles require that you have attended training in order to be granted access to FMS.  A schedule of training classes is available here:

Any Cater Trax requisitions that have been submitted by someone without the relevant FMS roles will have to be deleted and re-entered by someone with a FMS Purchase Requisition Requester role.

Adaptive FY ‘16 Budget Variance Reports

As per the prior note from the Budget & Planning Office, FY ’16 Budget Variance Reports are now available in the Adaptive Insights tool.  You will need to request a new Adaptive user login and password by sending an e-mail to to view your FY ’16 departmental reports.  The Adaptive budget reports will replace the e-mail distribution of FMS “Report 101” which will no longer be e-mailed to users.

Cash Transmittal Form

Effective immediately MSU will be using a new and improved Cash Transmittal form in electronic format.  Please utilize this form for your future Departmental Deposits.  The new form is designed to be easier to use and includes new chart of accounts conforming to the new PeopleSoft FMS for a more detailed, efficient recording of a Department's Cash Receipts.  The new Cash Transmittal Form can be found at the following link: and any questions about the new form or related matters can be directed to the Controller's Office at 973-655-4199.

Thank you again for your continued support of the OneMontclair initiative and please do not hesitate to contact either the IT Service Desk at or if you have any additional questions.