STU Systems Update 12/21

List of the robust suite of systems

Dear Montclair State University Campus Community:


The Academic Affairs, Finance, and Student Development and Campus Life divisions of the OneMontclair program will implement new systems to replace the current outdated administrative systems. These new systems are feature-rich, user-friendly and highly scalable. Students will be able to engage with the university more effectively, administrators and faculty will be able to leverage new tools to become more consultative and strategic in the services they provide to constituents.


Here is a list of the robust suite of systems that we will be implementing:


Baseline Banner Student

Banner is an assemblage of applications that when combined provide administrative and academic functions to manage data and student enrollment business processes. Click here to learn more.


Banner Financial Aid

Banner Financial Aid will help us to handle financial aid processes efficiently, quickly and equitably such as: create and manage applicant records, requirement tracking, cost of attendance budgets, award aid to the students who need it, needs analysis and more. Click here to learn more.



DegreeWorks is the student degree audit system. It is a web-based comprehensive sets of tools that will be used for academic advising, degree audit and transfer articulation to help students and their advisors negotiate curriculum requirements. Click here to learn more.


NEST (Luminis Portal)

Luminis is a one-click single access portal to all services provided through the student and faculty self-service. Click here to learn more.


Banner Communication Management

Banner Communication Management is a communication manager that will provide tools to create and communicate with students, support campus wide student access and retention efforts. To learn more click here.


Banner e-Print

Banner e-Print is a web-based report distribution system. It is designed to distribute reports securely and quickly to authorized recipients in a user-friendly format. To learn more click here.



Banner Recruiter is a student recruitment and enrollment management software that uses enrollment probability and predictive modeling to help identify and reach best-fit students with the right message. It will also help to reduce enrollment cost per student and more. Click here to learn more.


Ellucian Elevate

Ellucian Elevate will allow us to easily create, manage and tailor courses to fit our program’s specific registration, staffing and compliance needs. Click here to learn more.


Banner Workflow System

Banner Workflow is a business process management solution for improving efficiency and simplifying processes such as admitting a student, paying a vendor or processing a new hire. With automatic notifications and triggers a business process can be launched automatically without having to route paper between offices. This will improve cross-functional communication, reduce errors and create an audit trail. Click here to learn more.


Banner Document Management

Banner Document Management captures, manages and organizes paper and electronic documents. Features include: indexing, storage, organization and retrieval support. Click here to learn more.


Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) and Cognos Reporting

ODS and Cognos will facilitate the development and delivery of operational reports, including the ability to recreate reports as needed from the legacy system. Click here to learn more.


Banner Recruiting and Admissions Performance

Banner Recruiting and Admissions Performance is an integrated package of scorecards, dashboards, reports, analytics and a data warehouse that integrates with Banner and Recruiter. This will help us to make critical decisions about how to improve recruiting and admissions efforts to target best fit prospective students and meet enrollment goals. Click here to learn more.


Banner Student Retention Performance

Banner Student Retention Performance is another tool that is integrated with Banner. This tool will use data from Banner to create scorecards, reports and other analytics to provide insight on what will help us improve student retention and success. Click here to learn more.


Ellucian Pilot (under review)

Ellucian Pilot is a student engagement solution that will allow us to see every facet of a student’s experience and track success by cohort, course, degree/program, or any other customized view. Click here to learn more.


Ellucian International Student and Scholar Management

We take pride in having a diverse school community. With Ellucian International Student and Scholar Management we will be able to compete more effectively for attracting and retaining international students and scholars. Click here to learn more.


Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

TouchNet is a secure, compliant and centralized baseline payment system. Transactions are completed in real time and posted immediately to your campus business systems. Click here to learn more.



25Live is a web-based scheduling and calendaring tool. 25Live will manage the scheduling of classes and events. Authorized users will be able to search for and request or book times, venues and resources for events all directly through the web. Click here to learn more.



CourseLeaf is a web-based software that will help to manage the editing and publishing of catalogs, scheduling of classes and modifying and approving of the curriculum. Click here to learn more.


Ellucian Mobile

Ellucian Mobile is a mobile app that will extend the digital campus to meet our students on their smartphones. The app will provide users a single sign-on access to external web applications and Ellucian web products. With flexible implementation we will able to customize, build and manage our mobile environment. Click here to learn more.


Additional Information


Additional information regarding the Banner/Student Implementation as well as the full scope of the OneMontclair ERP initiative is available at the OneMontclair website at