Workday Hire Proccess Training

Starting Nov 10!


Great News!! Workday Hire Process for Adjuncts, Temporary and Student Workers

All adjunct, temporary and student workers hired for the Spring 2017 Semester must be directly entered into Workday by departments beginning December 1st. Paper hire forms will no longer be processed in HR for adjunct, temporary and student workers! All necessary approval steps for these hires must also be completed in Workday.

Starting November 10, 2016, HR will provide the following Workday training classes, all of which will be offered through the end of January 2017:

  • Hire Adjuncts
  • Hire Temporary and Student Workers
  • Approving Hires in Workday (for Managers, Chairs, Deans, VPs and the Provost Office)

View course details, calendar and register on our Workday Classroom Events webpage.