Career Development

Career Development Program

The Career Development Program (CD) for AFT members is one of many ways individuals enhance their performance in their roles at the university. Open to faculty, professional staff, librarians, instructional specialists, and clinical specialists, this program is unique in that it offers opportunities for professional development to a range of employees and demonstrates the commitment of the university to support its growth as a result of the development of individuals.


Application Timetable

Application available March 10, 2024

Applications Due March 29, 2024 by 4:30 PM

University Career Development Committee Recommendations Due by April 19, 2024

Award Notifications sent to applicants on May 13, 2024 (Note: new date request)

Funds available from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025

Applicants should assemble all of the information below that is necessary for a career development application before starting the QUALTRICS link.

Section Information Required Details Other
Background Here you will be asked about your background, job, where you are in the organization, what division etc. Most questions are pretty self-explanatory here about your background, job, division, etc. You will be also asked to categorize your project into one of the following categories:

1. Expanding into or developing a new area of expertise.

2. Establishing new skills or areas of expertise to enhance your job or career,

3. Enhancing your reputation as a researcher, teacher, scholar, artist and/or

professional status.

Career Assessment Brief


A brief discussion of a career related need to enhance your job and career at the university and how this need can be fulfilled by participation in the career development program. The Career Assessment Brief may be identified in previous reviews, current goals, or as a result of assessments or formal and informal feedback from others you work with including your supervisors and colleagues. They may also be identified from your own critical review of self-identified pathways for growth. Please be brief, no more than 1 page is required. This format is sufficient for faculty, librarians, staff, and specialists.
Project Narrative Here you will be asked to upload a description of the project. Be sure to describe:  1) the career development project or experience, 2) its value to the experience to the applicant’s professional career and aspirations, and 3) expected outcomes of the experience.


Please be brief and concise but provide enough details to be effectively evaluated by the university wide committee. This description should be 5 pages or fewer.
Budget Here you will be asked to provide information about costs associated with the career development proposal Consider such costs as travel, meals, conference fees, tuition, workshop fees, hotel accommodations, equipment, and other costs, etc.


We are not able to provide funds above those requested and we cannot authorize you to use the funds awarded for any experiences besides those in the proposal.

Try to get realistic estimates of these from performing internet-based searches or looking up information specific to a conference or developmental event. All funds must be expended between 07/01/2024- 06/30/2025.


Resumé or CV Here you can upload a copy of this document. Be sure that the document is up to date. A brief resume is fine or CV is you have one already prepared.
Documentation of Recent Other Career Development Awards Here you can upload a copy of this document. This is only required for the last career development award an applicant has had in the last several years, if applicable.