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Male Enrollment and Graduation Alliance

Our Charge

The Male Enrollment and Graduation Alliance (MEGA) is charged with examining and developing a plan of action to improve (cis/identified) male student outcomes from prospects to active alumni status with a focus on Hispanic/Latino and Black males. The task force will publish a report by 7/1/23 inclusive of findings, recommendations, and a repository of best practices.

Three Focus Areas

Data Collection & Analysis

Develop a sustainable plan to review, collect, and analyze enrollment, retention, and graduation data and other data points connected to prospective and current students and alumni.

External/Internal Partnerships

Explore and deepen current and future partnerships related to community engagement, resource allocations, and the development of enrollment and post-graduation talent pipelines.

Develop a framework, identify membership, and facilitate ongoing communication with an advisory team with external community stakeholders.

Engagement/Awareness Activities

Coordinate programming and engagement to directly impact prospective/current scholars and include a nationwide collective of educators, administrators, thought leaders, and best practices.

Male Enrollment & Graduation Alliance (MEGA) II Symposium: Triumph Over Trauma

Date: March 8, 2024

Location: Montclair State University, New Jersey

Time: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm


Scholars, educators, and community leaders will engage in healing and empowerment for Black and Hispanic/Latino males. Grounded in a strengths-based framework, the symposium will emphasize how men of color transcend traumatic experiences through resistance, resilience, and restoration.

The symposium will have a track for professionals and a track for scholars. Professionals will gain research-driven strategies to create identity-affirming and trauma-informed learning environments that support the success of males of color. Rather than deficit-based narratives, the summit will celebrate the courage, knowledge, and perseverance students draw on to not just survive but thrive. With scholarship and solidarity, participants will leave equipped to transform educational institutions, empower young leaders, and build more just communities where all young men can reach their full potential.

Expected Attendance
Attendees will include high school and college scholars, educators, administrators, superintendents, principals, school counselors, board members, social service agencies, higher ed professionals, elected officials, non-profits, corporate sponsors, philanthropists, faith-based groups, community organizers, media outlets
Symposium Details
Keynote, Ed Talk, Breakouts, Roundtable Chats, Scholar Panel, Commemorative Photo

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