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University Authors

Dear Colleagues,

Once again, on behalf of Judith Lin Hunt, Dean of Library Services, and myself, I am pleased to welcome you to this 11th celebration of Montclair State University’s authors and artists. This year we have a record number of novels, poetry and nonfiction books, textbooks and a music CD – more than 40 – with all colleges, schools, and Sprague Library represented. Once again, they make an impressive and extraordinary display of which all of Montclair State University faculty and staff may be proud since they reflect our collective community of scholarship and artistic production.

The accumulated record of publications from Montclair State University authors and editors since we began these celebrations is now up to more than 430 publications, an impressive output by any measure and a continuing testimony to the commitment and professional dedication of our faculty and staff to the serious conversations of their disciplines. And, of course, that production builds on the years of prior publication and performance by colleagues no longer with Montclair State University but whose legacies we continue to honor in this scholarly tradition.

It matters that we acknowledge and affirm one another’s scholarly and creative achievements since the reputation of the University is a collective reputation to which we each contribute and each lay claim. Now that we claim national recognition as an R2 research university, the audience for our work will only grow and our contributions to the marketplace of our disciplines will become even more visible and reviewed.

To our current authors and artists, congratulations, and to all our colleagues, we look forward to honoring you next year or some year soon. As before, we have included this year any works published in previous years.

Willard P. Gingerich
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs