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Patent Policy and Patent Advisory Committee

All University faculty, staff and students are subject to the University’s Policy on Patents and Inventions. The Patent Advisory Committee advises the Provost regarding faculty, staff and student inventions on which the University may choose to file a patent application. The Patent Policy requires inventors to complete and submit to the Committee the Invention Disclosure Form. The Patent Policy also requires inventors to use the University’s form of agreements in connection with research with third parties and students. For additional information about patents at Montclair State University please contact the Patent Advisory Committee chair, David Rotella, or the Dean of the applicable College. The University’s Policy on Patents and Inventions, Patent Committee procedures, and forms of agreements approved for use by the University are listed in the links below.

University Patent Policy Documents

  1. Policy on Patents and Inventions
  2. Patent Advisory Committee Guidelines
  3. Invention and Patent Agreement
  4. Invention Disclosure Form
  5. Patent Assignment Form
  6. Revenue Allocation Agreement Form
  7. Intellectual Property Rights Student Waiver
  8. Policy and Process: Use of Materials Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
  9. Material Transfer Agreement to a Non-Profit Organization
  10. Material Transfer Agreement to a For-Profit Organization
  11. Confidential Disclosure Agreement – (One-way)
  12. Confidential Disclosure Agreement – (Mutual)