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The faculty of the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology are very proud of all our graduates, who are now working in various clinical and research settings early in their careers.

2023 Graduates

Whitney Dartnell

Mentor(s): Nicole Lytle

Dissertation: Conversational Dynamics Between Caregivers and Children: The Role of Elaboration and Autonomy Support on Children’s Memory Reports

Internship: Nebraska Internship Consortium, Munroe-Meyer Rural Care Prog

Postdoctoral position: Pediatric Psychologist with Geisinger Health System

Lauren Grove

Mentor(s): Christopher King

Dissertation: An Analysis of the Sophistication–Maturity of Justice and Non-Justice Involved Youth and Young Adults

Internship: Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Postdoctoral position: Psychologist, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Conor Hogan

Mentor(s): Tina Zottoli

Dissertation: Contextualizing the Guilty Plea Experiences of Individuals Charged with Sex Crimes

Internship: Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences

Postdoctoral position: Mental Health Clinician II with Rutgers University Correctional Healthcare at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Sowmya Kshtriya

Mentor(s): Paul Amhrein

Dissertation: Using Path Modeling to Investigate the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Post-Traumatic Growth through Meaning-Making, Resilience, and PTSD Symptoms

Internship: Manhattan Psychiatric Center

Postdoctoral position: Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology, Columbia University Counseling and Psychological Services

Brooke Stettler

Mentor(s): Jason Dickinson and Nicole Lytle

Dissertation: A Survey of Knowledge and Beliefs on Child Maltreatment

Internship: Miami VA Healthcare System

Postdoctoral position: Postdoctoral Resident, Center for Behavioral Medicine

Petty Tineo

Mentor(s): Jazmin Reyes-Portillo

Dissertation:The Impact of Acculturative Stress on Internalizing Problems Among Racially and Ethnically Minoritized Adolescents and Young Adults in the U.S. : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Internship: Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System

Postdoctoral position: Psychology Fellow, Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System

Cody Weeks

Mentor(s): Jazmin Reyes-Portillo

Dissertation: The Association of Mindfulness, Passive Social Media Use, Social Comparisons, FoMO and Depression in College Students

Internship: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Postdoctoral position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Reaching HOPE, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Alaina Wodzinski

Mentor(s): Jeremy Fox

Dissertation: The Relationship between Poverty and Behavior Problems: Examining the Role of Family and Parental Factors from an Ecological Systems Perspective

Internship: Southwest Behavioral & Health Services

Postdoctoral position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Child and Family Therapy Clinic, Kennedy Krieger Institute

2022 Graduates

Jennifer Bartlett

Mentor(s): Tina Zottoli

Dissertation: Using a Novel Experimental Paradigm to Investigate Whether Individuals with Trauma Exposure are at an Increased Risk of Pleading Guilty Falsely

Internship: Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Postdoctoral position: Central State Hospital

Jessica Bonumwezi

Mentor(s): Sarah Lowe and Sally Grapin

Dissertation: Mediation of Intergenerational Trauma Transmission by Family Variables in Children of Rwandan Survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi

Internship: Westchester Jewish Community Services

Postdoctoral position: Global Mental Health and Addiction Program at University of Maryland

DeVanté J. Cunningham

Mentor(s): Carrie Masia

Dissertation: The Relationship Between Racial Microaggressions, Mental Health, and Academic Self-Efficacy in Black College Students: Is a Supportive Mentor Protective?

Internship: VA NY Harbor Healthcare System, Manhattan Campus

Postdoctoral position: Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Jill Del Pozzo

Mentor(s): Christopher King

Dissertation: Multiple Risk Factors for Schizotypy in a Non-Clinical Population: Exploring the Continuum of Psychosis Two Years Later

Internship: VA New Jersey Health Care System

Postdoctoral position: Clinical Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Research Fellowship Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and The Brain Injury Research Center

Tanya Singh

Mentor(s): Jazmin Reyes-Portillo

Dissertation: Factors Related to Formal and Online Help-Seeking Behaviors among Latinx College Students

Internship: Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, Adult – Outpatient

Postdoctoral position: The CBT Center for Anxiety and OCD

Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden

Mentor(s): Sarah Lowe and Joshua Sandry

Dissertation: Rape Myth Acceptance and Acknowledgment: Predictors of Disclosing Sexual Assault and Service-Seeking

Internship: Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, General Track

Postdoctoral position: Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Road Home Program: Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush University Medical Center