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Student Leaders

The PhD Program in Clinical Psychology appreciates the service rendered by our student leaders for different program constituents and matters. Our student leaders for the 2023–2024 are noted below.

Psychological Organization of Doctoral Students (PODS)
  • President: Mary Isaac Cargill
  • Vice President: Ghowash Irshad

  • Secretary: Elana Gabriel
  • Treasurer: Sana Vora
  • Publicity Chair: Daria Lasc
  • Event Coordinators: Hannah Thomas and Caroline Freden
PODS Diversity Committee
  • Mary Isaac Cargill
  • Rachel Bomysoad
  • Rachel McDonald
  • Peter Goldie
  • Ghowash Irshad

  • Liora Steinberg
  • Sana Vora
  • Talita Ahmed
  • Elana Gabriel
  • Kimberly Echevarria
  • Lauren Fleming
Cohort Representatives
  • Fourth years: Rachel McDonald
  • Third years: Peter Goldie
  • Second years: Caroline Freden
  • First years: Tali Filstein