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Creating Spaces 2021

Thank you everyone for a fantastic conference! Please visit our Thank You Page for next steps!

Our schedule was virtually full of panels, interviews and networking sessions for those with interests in the social sciences, research, social policy and data analysis. It was brought to you by students and faculty in the Master’s Degree in Social Research and Analysis. Featured were sessions with Tamour Kousha, CFO of Liberty Science Center on April 19 at 4pm, Annalee Kelly, Senior Survey Researcher at Mathematica on April 19 at 6:30pm and Hannah Soar, VP of Strategic Growth at Kantar on April 21 at 6pm.

Other speakers included professionals, students & alumni in Public Policy, Education & Human Services, Social Services and Market Research. Undergraduates also paired up with graduate student mentors in a special session.

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The program is sponsored by the Master’s Degree in Social Research & Analysis, the Department of SociologyThe College of Humanities & Social Sciences, The Feliciano School of Business, The Master’s Degree in Business Analytics and the Graduate Certificate Program in Data Collection & Management at Montclair State University.