Service Process and Fees

Following the behavioral ecological consultation model, services for CEPS are provided as part of the problem-solving model of assessment and interventions. This process starts with a free intake meeting to determining if the services at CEPS are appropriate. If the services are appropriate, the following four-step problem-solving process is followed:

CEPS Problem Solving Process

  1. Strengths and Needs Identification: Involves understanding what the areas of strengths and needs are present as well as collaboratively setting measurable goals and outcomes based on client values.
  2. Needs Analysis: Involves a contextual analysis of the need and developing a support plan. This typically includes direct observations and determining current skills levels. Support plans are also developed collaboratively to ensure acceptability and successful implementation of supports.
  3. Implementation Planning and Supports: After supports are identified, an implementation plan is developed for the interventions and on-going support is provided by CEPS staff to ensure intervention integrity through progress monitoring.
  4. Evaluation and Future Planning: Conducting an evaluation of the interventions to see if it was successful (were the goals reached) and planning for future success.

As indicated by the diagram above, this process is not linear and depending on need, can circle back to address additional needs or re-analyze the situation if the initial solution was not successful. Additionally, this process is conducted in collaboration between CEPTS staff and consultees (students, parents, teachers, other school staff)

This process is the same for both individualized services for students and families as well as for schools. However, the specific types of procedures used may differ based on the client. For example, whereas an individual student may be observed directly for individualized supports, classrooms or schools would require observing a larger set of individuals (school walkthrough, etc.)

Remember, the first intake meeting is free so don’t hesitate to contact us to see if our services are appropriate for you.


Individualized Consultation Services

  • Licensed/PhD level practitioners
    • Schools/Organizations- $130 per hour
    • Families- Price will vary based on income, range from $100 to $130 per hour
  • Licensed/Master’s level practitioners
    • Schools/Organizations- $100 per hour
    • Families- Price will vary based on income, range from $85 to $100 per hour
  • Student Practitioners
    • Undergraduate/Graduate students- $50 per hour
      • Duplicate fees will not be charged if a supervisor accompanies a student as part of supervision

School (organizational) Contracts

  • Hourly fee applies ($130)
  • Details of the overall fee for a project will be based on needs for the school and type of activities (training, consultation, testing, travel, printing, etc.)
    • i.e., Full day training (six hours training + two hours preparation + materials) will cost $1,200 based on hourly rate plus expenses related to preparation time and developing materials
    • Needs for school will be based on initial assessment and based on areas the school identifies as areas of need

* No charges for initial consult meeting (intake) as that meeting is to determine if CEPS services will be appropriate based on the needs of the client.

Request Services: To request services or get further information, please contact Dr. Talida State at