Other Information

Undergrad Teacher Education Program Applications

For undergrads hoping to apply to the teaching certification programs, applications are available through the Center of Pedagogy. For additional information, you can contact the Center of Pedagogy at 973-655-7976.

Clinical I and II Experience

The last two semesters of your program will be your clinical semesters. The first, Clinical I, will require twelve hours weekly. The clinical II experience will be a traditional student teaching experience. With all that is required of you this semester, it is required to have all coursework completed.

Logistics require that you apply up for the Clinical I experience the semester prior so that the Center of Pedagogy can place you. Please keep in mind the Center of Pedagogy places upwards of 400 students a semester, they cannot consider preferences when it comes to your Clinical Experiences.

Comprehensive Exam

For those students seeking a Masters of Arts in Teaching. During your Clinical I semester you will take a comprehensive exam given by the department. You must apply to take the exam by February 15th for the Spring semester exam and October 1st for the Fall semester exam in the Teaching and Learning office, University Hall 3162.