Teacher with elementary age students

RAPID Plus Program

Supporting Upper Elementary Literacy Instruction
(Grades 4 – 6)

Essex and Hudson Counties

The Department of Teaching and Learning at Montclair State University has partnered with the New Jersey Department of Education to offer the Rapid Acceleration Professional Development (RAPID) Plus program to support students’ literacy development in grades 4, 5, and 6. We are offering a free series of four live virtual sessions for educators and a free live webinar for school and district leaders.

Four Session Series For Educators

Participants Receive Up to 4 PD Hours

Each virtual live session is one hour long, and the sessions are designed to be taken in sequence. The full sequence will be offered four times.

  1. The Neurobiology of Reading
    Understanding the complex cognitive processes involved in reading
  2. Strategies To Support Advanced Word Study
    Strategies to ensure students have the skills essential for increasingly complex texts
  3. Building Meaningful Fluency Practice
    How to provide purposeful fluency building activities that support reading comprehension
  4. Language Comprehension’s Role in Reading Comprehension
    Understanding the interaction between vocabulary, language structures and literary knowledge

    Essex County

    Cycle One March 18 (4:00 PM) March 25th (4:00 PM) April 1st (4:00 PM) April 8th (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Two April 15 (4:00 PM) April 22nd (4:00 PM) April 29th (4:00 PM) May 6th (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Three May 13th (4:00 PM) May 20th (4:00 PM) May 28th (4:00 PM) June 3rd (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Four June 10th (4:00 PM) June 17th (4:00 PM) June 24th (4:00 PM) July 1st (4:00 PM)


    Hudson County

    Cycle One March 21st (4:00 PM) March 28th (4:00 PM) April 4th (4:00 PM) April 11th (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Two April 18th (4:00 PM) April 25th (5:00 PM) May 2nd (4:00 PM) May 9th (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Three May 16th (4:00 PM) May 22nd (4:00 PM) May 30th (4:00 PM) June 6th (4:00 PM)
    Cycle Four June 13th (4:00 PM) June 17th (5:30 PM) June 27th (4:00 PM) July 2nd (4:00 PM)


    There will also be a one day in-person event that includes all four sessions.

    In-Person April 10th (10:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

    Live Webinars For School and District Leaders

    Participants Receive Up to 3 PD Hours

    The live webinar will be offered three times this spring.

    Topics covered during the webinar:

    • An Introduction to Foundational Literacy
    • A Culture That Supports Effective Literacy Instruction
    • High Quality Instructional Materials
    • High Quality Aligned Assessment
    • High Quality Professional Learning
    • Monitoring Appropriate and Instructional Responses

    Note: There will be a scheduled break at the midway point of the live webinar.

    Please register for the webinar date of your choice:

    Contact RAPID Plus MSU