MAT Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam is designed to ensure that students graduating from the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in the Department of Teaching and Learning have firmly grasped the foundational knowledge expected of students pursuing mastery in the fields of early childhood education and elementary education.  The comprehensive nature of the Comprehensive Exam requires students to demonstrate knowledge, analysis, and critique of relevant subject matter learned throughout Montclair State graduate coursework and field experiences.

  • The Comprehensive Exam is a written essay whereby Teaching and Learning MAT candidates are required to discuss their academic knowledge of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Students need to register for the Comprehensive Examination course.
  • The MAT Comprehensive exam is a mandatory requirement for obtaining the MAT degree in the Department of Teaching and Learning (MAT P-3, MAT K-6, MAT P-3/TSD and MAT K-6/TSD).
  • The University allows three attempts. Students who fail the comprehensive examination for the third time will be dismissed from their programs of study.

The Comprehensive exam is offered once a semester during both the fall and spring semesters. The exact exam date will be announced at the start of the semester.

Comprehensive Exam Booklet and other materials will be posted on Canvas Course site.