Graduate Admission Process

How do I apply for admission into one of the graduate inclusive education programs?

We have a rolling admissions policy, so you could submit your application materials and be considered for (fall or spring) acceptance. Students accepted for the fall term will have summer registration opened to them by the Graduate School.

You can visit The Graduate School for information about admission into our programs.

Do I have to apply to the Graduate School if I am interested in obtaining Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) certification and not a master’s degree?

Yes, you have to apply through the Graduate School for acceptance into any of the graduate programs.

What are some important deadlines/dates?

As mentioned, we have a rolling admissions policy and so you can apply to our programs at any time. However, it takes time to process your application so be sure to apply far enough in advance to receive a decision prior to the start of the semester in which you’d like to begin registering for classes. Follow this link for the academic calendar for Montclair State University.

I have not been accepted to the graduate program yet. Can I still take classes?

Montclair State University’s Graduate School accepts applications on a rolling basis. Still, time is needed to fully process your application. If you feel your application process will not be complete prior to the start of a given semester, you have the option to take up to two courses (6 credits) as a Pre-Decision student before a decision is made about your acceptance to a graduate program. However, you must meet the following requirements for Pre-Decision consideration:

  • You must already have submitted Part A of the graduate application.
  • You must submit an official transcript indicating that you have received an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • You must have already paid your $60 application fee.
  • You must complete, sign, and submit a Pre-Admit status request form, which you can obtain from The Graduate School in College Hall Room 203, or online at:
  • The processing of Pre-Decision requests begins on August 1 for fall applicants and November 15 for spring applicants. The Graduate School will not consider your request prior to these dates.

IMPORTANT: If you are authorized to take courses as a Pre-Decision student, this does not mean you are guaranteed admission to a program. Once you have completed your application, it is reviewed using the standard criteria applied to all applications.

Please note – several restrictions apply to Pre-Decision status students:

  • You may not take more than six graduate credits, but if admitted, these may be applied to your program after you are admitted and you obtain your advisor’s approval.
  • You will only be permitted to enroll in a course if space is available. Students who are already admitted to a graduate program are given priority.
  • You must meet course prerequisite requirements (you can find these requirements in the Graduate Catalog).
  • Pre-Admit status lasts for only one semester. You must finish the application process and be offered admission in order to register for further classes.
  • No financial aid is available for Pre-Admit students.
  • Students who hold or are seeing F-1 (student) visas are not eligible to take courses as a Pre-Decision student.

Where do I find Graduate Study Forms (e.g., comps, change of program, etc.)?

You can find the various forms needed throughout graduate school at the Graduate School Forms page.

Do I have to take the GREs?

Currently, the GREs are not a requirement for admission.

Is there a Praxis test for the Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certification?

Currently, there is no test, but this is subject to change. If a test becomes required by the New Jersey State Department of Education, candidates will be notified of that change.

I am enrolled in the MEd program and still have several courses left until I complete my degree. However, I have already completed the 24 credits that lead to TSD certification. Will I receive my TSD certification prior to my degree being conferred?

No, you will not, unless you have dually matriculated in both programs. You will be recommended for the TSD certification upon completion of your MEd If you begin by matriculating in the TSD program, you will not be permitted to register for coursework in the MEd until you have been fully admitted to that program as well.