Photo of CEHS NMUTR at Barringer High School

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Conference paper:

  • Larkin, D. B., Patzelt, S. P., Carletta, L., & Ahmed, K. (2021). Toward a Theory of Job Embeddedness in Teacher Retention: Implications for the COVID-19 Pandemic Era. Paper presented at the 2021 AERA Annual Conference. (PDF)
  • Larkin, D. B., Carletta, L., Patzelt, S. P., & Ahmed, K. (2021). Job embeddedness and professional support: A case study of science teacher retention in one district. Paper presented at the 2021 NARST Annual Conference. (PDF)
  • Larkin, D. B., Poole, S. P., & Carletta, L. (2020). New ways to ask old questions: Promising avenues of retention research with state staffing data. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA. (PDF)
  • Larkin, D. B., (2019). Studying the Retention of Novice Science Teachers by Learning from School District Induction and Mentoring Programs. Plenary Panel Keynote talk delivered at the Annual Noyce Teacher Scholarship Conference, 11 July 2019, Washington, DC. (Slides / Video Presentation)