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Greg Collins

Greg Collins ’79 Will Lead Montclair State University Foundation to New Heights

Seth U. Nwosu '06

Seth U. Nwosu ’06

The certified paralegal is on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to quality legal services. Through his paralegal services company, which now has three locations in the U.S., he helps people navigate the legal system effectively, and affordably.

Megan Eitel head shot

Megan Eitel ’17 Au.D

The audiologist owes her success in helping conduct research on TBI in the military population to the connections she made at Montclair State, and encourages students everywhere to remember that no one started as an expert in their field.

Allison Perrine Larena ’01 MA

President and CEO of the Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC) urges colleagues and students alike to remain positive and make opportunities in these hard times, and to look at the current affairs as great opportunities to create.

Nicole Romero ’20

The Independent Short Film award winner’s professors urged her to talk about her experiences as an undocumented immigrant, and with it came many accolades.

Marisa Sweeney

Marisa Sweeney ’08

The 2019 “Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year” owes her success to a professor who inspired her to change her major, and encourages current students to get to know their professors for a lifelong opportunity of mentorship.

Kutcher photo

Dr. Eugene “Gene” Kutcher ’01 MA

Dean of the Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University still looks at success as a research study, and he has found a lot of good material to work with over the years.

Nel Noddings ’49

Nel Noddings ’49

Alumna of Montclair State, Rutgers and Stanford has proven to have had an extensive career in education– even 22 years after her retirement.

Amanda Frazao ’11, ’19 MA

North Arlington teacher puts her tools to the test to make sure her young students know that education still matters during a pandemic.

Anca D. Basturescu ’04

Partner for Yorktown Partners LLC reflects on the important relationships she made in college that lead to her many accomplishments.