Student Advisement

"Young men and women arriving at college immediately confront a set of decisions. Which courses to choose? What subject to specialize in? What activities to join? How much to study? How to study? Such decisions are intensely personal. Often they are made with little information. Yet their consequences can be enormous. A subject that is bypassed, or study habits that are mismatched for certain classes, can result in limited options, reduced opportunities, or closed doors. Advisors play a critical role. They can ask a broad array of questions, and make a few suggestions, that can affect students in a profound and continuing way."    -Richard J. Light

I would like to speak with an academic advisor. Who should I contact?:
When students are accepted into a program at Montclair State University, they are assigned an academic advisor (or sometimes two, depending on the program). Advisor assignments will be available on WESS under student records. Students who are enrolled in a program within the Department Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education may also speak with the Department Administrator Ms. Patricia Watson. She can be reached via email at: or at (973)655-7360.

Undergraduate Students...

Undergraduate students will receive advisement from their major department. For example, if a student chooses to major in Sociology and complete the K-6 Teacher Education Sequence, they will receive advisement from a faculty/staff member in the Sociology department.

Questions regarding their certification should be addressed to Adrian Reagan, Program Advisor in the Center of Pedagogy. She can be reached at or (973) 655-7181.

Graduate Students...

Graduate students working towards initial certification either at the Post Baccalaureate or Masters of Arts in Teaching level will receive their advisement from the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education Department.