Step-by-Step Application Process Flowchart

Contact Information                                                                   

Jennifer Goeke, PhD                                                                                                  
Graduate Program Coordinator, Special Education                                           
Department of Curriculum & Teaching
Phone Number: 973-655-6943    

Susan Hagen
Program Advisor
Department of Curriculum and Teaching
Montclair State University
Phone Number: 973-655-6908

The Dual Certification MAT Program with a focus on Inclusive iSTEM Education (concentrations for Science and Mathematics teachers) is a cutting-edge teacher education program that prepares middle and secondary math and science teachers through three interconnected strands of teacher preparation:

  • rigorous content area preparation in math or science
  • evidence-based inclusive practices
  • integrative STEM (iSTEM) education

Graduates of this program complete 48 credits to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), NJ Initial Teaching Certification in math or science, and NJ Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement.

Program Eligibility

To be considered for the program, you must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related content area with a minimum overall GPA of 2.75
  • Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering are required to take additional courses in Mathematics and Science in order to reach a level of expertise equivalent to that of a MSU major in the content area in which they want to complete their Dual Certification MAT.
  • Acceptable GRE scores
  • A commitment to inclusive education

Application Deadline:  August 15th

Applications received after the deadline will be processed on a space available basis or for the next admission term. 

Application Guidelines

To ensure accuracy and expedite the application process, please follow each step outlined below. Prior to starting an application, please complete this short survey –

Step 1. Register for General GRE

Register at Enter Institution code: 2520 when registering to have your official score report sent to Montclair State University. All candidates are required to send GRE registration confirmation to the program staff via email and send official GRE scores to the Graduate School.

Step 2. Submit your Application Online

Visit and create an account. Select the options in the images below and follow the step-by-step directions as prompted in the application. Within 24-48 hours of submitting your application, you will be sent an email on how to submit the $60 application fee. If you are not contacted after 48 hours of submitting your application, please contact the office of graduate admissions at 973-655-5147.

Sample Application: Please use this as a guide for completing your application.

  1. Enrollment Option – select the Dual Certification MAT: Subject Area (P-12) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities option and your anticipated enrollment term.
  2. Enter Personal Information as requested in the application
  3. Enter Academic Information – remember to request official transcripts from previously attended institutions. This includes county colleges and all degree granting institutions in which you received a letter grade.
  4. Enter Employment History – Although this information is required in your application, an updated resume is also required. 
  5. Enter Recommender’s Name and email – Letters must be professional letters of recommendation. The rating form in the application and a formal letter are both required as part of the application.   Both letters should be written by someone familiar with your previous academic work. Recommendations from professors in your undergraduate major field of study are ideal. However, if you have been out of school for a considerable time, you should seek someone who can comment on your background, experiences, capacity to succeed, and motivation. Employers, supervisors, or other professionals are appropriate choices, while friends, family or fellow students are not.
  6. Additional Information
    1. Instructions: This section of the application will ask for a number of supporting documents including; statement of objectives (Portrait of a Teacher essay), honors and activities, and resume, if any. You may choose to submit the essay and resume through the Online Application or mail it to our office at a later date. You are required to complete all other information in this section online. We recommend that applicants submit essays and supporting documents online. 
  7. Do a Final Check and make necessary changes prior to submitting an application. Once an application is submitted online, revisions can no longer be made. Additional application documents can be forwarded to the The Graduate School.

Step 4.  Application Review and Interview

All completed applications are reviewed and selected candidates will be invited for an in-person interview with the Subject Area department and the department of Curriculum and Teaching.

Step 5. Admission and Enrollment

Accepted candidates will receive admission notification by email. Candidates are required to notify the program of their enrollment intentions by either accepting or declining the invitation to participate in the program.