Post-Master's Certification in Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant

Admissions Suspended - No longer admitting students


The Special Education programs at Montclair State University are designed so that certified teachers and Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants develop a comprehensive understanding of special education. This includes knowledge about the field of special education and the relationship of special education to the family, other disciplines, and the community. We believe it is important for special educators to understand not only the nature and discourse in their given discipline, but the role the discipline plays in society. Without this disciplinary grounding, special educators will not be able to facilitate their students’ learning and development. In keeping with this principle, the special education faculty is committed to aiding our students to develop competencies in research based special education practices for instruction and assessment, and to cultivating their ability to use these competencies to increase inclusive education in New Jersey schools. Although the certification in special education in New Jersey is generic, rather than disability specific, we emphasize preparing professionals to work with those who have mild to moderate disabilities. The underlying philosophy of our programs is that appropriate special education will enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families, and this, in turn, is good for schools and communities.

The Post-Master’s Certification Program in Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant program prepares students to be Learning Disabilities Teacher- Consultants (LDT-Cs). The LDT-C is the member of the Child Study Team who is responsible for the assessment, placement, IEP (Individualized Educational Program) development and program monitoring for students referred for special education services. An essential component of the role is to provide consultation and in-service training for teachers regarding a student’s educational program. This program is open to certified teachers. This program also provides graduates with certification for Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants from the State of New Jersey.