Teacher of Students with Disabilities (Additional Certification - Content Area)

Coordinator: Dr. Talida State
Office: University Hall, Room 2176
Phone: (973) 655-6709
Email: statet@montclair.edu

Advisor: Susan Hagen
Office: University Hall, Room 2125
Phone: (973) 655-6908
Email: hagens@montclair.edu


This is an advanced teacher certification program for those who already have general education teacher certification in Content Area who wish to obtain special education certification (Teacher of Students with Disabilities). The program emphasis is on inclusive education.

Please note that all special education teachers in N.J. must have dual certification in general education (Early Childhood, Elementary, or Content Area) and special education (Teacher of Students with Disabilities). Applicants who do not hold general education certification can obtain dual certification in one of the initial certification programs for dual certification - P3 & TSD & K-6 & TSD, Literacy Education, and Subject Matter & TSD.

Applicants who have a P-3 certification can obtain special education certification at the P-3 level in the M. Ed. in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education.