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Letter from the Chair

Dr. Schwarzer presents at TESOL Conference, Dr. Talor visits the Netherlands and Dr. Keiser presents at AERA Conference in Chicago.

Spring 2015 Newsletter


Letter from the Chair     

We welcome new a new adjunct professor and say farewell to three Graduate Assistants as they begin student teaching. 

Fall 2014 Newsletter


Letter from the Chair     

The Educational Assessment and Intervention Services (EAIS) has reopened after a brief hiatus! This service evaluates children, aged kindergarten through college, and provides information to facilitate their academic success.

Spring 2014 Newsletter


Letter from the Chair     

“A funny thing happened on the way back from sabbatical . . .” is the line I have consistently used when greeting colleagues this Fall semester.

Fall 2013 Newsletter

 David Schwarzer headshot

Letter from the Chair     

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Spring 2013 newsletter. Our very committed Graduate Assistants have excelled one more time, in showcasing the important work of full time faculty, adjunct faculty, students and staff members in our learning community.  

Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Letter from the Chair  

I am delighted again to be welcoming you to the newsletter for the department of Secondary and Special Education. We have worked very hard during the fall semester and it shows!

Fall 2012 Newsletter

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Changing Our Name: Saying It Right    

Starting July 1, 2012, the name of our department changed to Secondary and Special Education. How did this change come about and why? 

Summer 2012 Newsletter


Walencik Displays His Honor as Flag Bearer for CEHS

Dr. Vincent Walencik was recently honored with the title of gonfalonier (or “flag bearer”) during commencement ceremonies for MSU at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford on May 20, 2011.

Summer 2011 Newsletter

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Letter from the Chair  

As you can see in this newsletter, I am blessed to be the chairperson of a department community with a vibrant research, teaching, and service orientation.

Spring 2011 Newsletter

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Letter from the Chair

I am very excited to present you with our first department newsletter!

Fall 2010 Newsletter