Parents and Families

Welcome to the Red Hawk Family!  Your student has made a great choice in choosing Montclair State University.  As family members, you are valued members of our community and we are here for both you and your student.  This website provides information to support your Montclair State University student. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Be a partner in this experience.

Being a partner in this experience is integral to your student’s success.  We acknowledge that this is both an exciting and challenging time for you as family members, but be proud of your student and embrace the change as they transition to university life.

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Know your student’s semester.

At the start of the semester, your student may experience both excitement and frustration as they transition to their new environment. Suggest campus resources (listed on the bottom of this page) and encourage your student to reach out to our office for support. As the weather gets colder, students may feel cooped up; remind your student to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep.  When the weather starts warming up, students may have a hard time focusing; remind your student to prioritize their academics. Once students are acclimated to campus, encourage them to meet new people, get more involved on campus, and set academic goals. View the Academic Calendar to see what your student’s semester(s) will look like.

Encourage your student to get involved.

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) hosts a variety of student activities daily and there is plenty of fun to be had!  Encourage your student to check out Engage to see what is happening around campus so they can make friends, expand their interests, and be a part of our community. Learn about Student Development and Campus Life.

Explore our campus.

Sign up for a campus tour with your student! Want to just explore campus on your own time?  Your student can download the “Montclair State NEST Mobile App” on their compatible smartphone via the iOS App Store on their iPhone or the Google Play Store on their Android device. The app is quick, easy and free.  It features an interactive campus map, complete with the ability to plot directions to all important buildings on campus. Can’t make it to campus?  Check out our Virtual Campus Tour! Looking for a particular place on campus?  View our Campus Map!

We have a mutual goal.

We are committed to supporting your student and we are here to prepare them for this next stage.

Is your child looking to become a Red Hawk soon? Check out our parent webinars to learn all about the university!