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2024 Summer Italian Intensive Program for Early College Credit (July 8-18)

Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Summer Italian Intensive Program for Early College Credit, a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of Italian language and culture to advance your studies at both the high school and university levels, while experiencing campus life through a short-term residential experience.

This one-of-a-kind program designed for high school students on a university campus is available at Montclair State in an intensive summer format, including guest speakers and off-campus tours. In just a short summer session, it prepares students to move with confidence from Italian 3 to an AP or advanced Italian class, while granting 3 college credits at a very affordable price. Now in its seventh edition, the program represents a continuous service for high school students as well as recent graduates of New Jersey and the Tri-State Area interested in consolidating their learning from the past year and getting ready for their future university experience.


DATES: July 8-18, 2024 (classes run from Monday through Thursday; residential students live on campus Sun night through Thur afternoon) NOTE: Residential students move in on Sunday July 7 in the late pm AFTER DINNER ON THEIR OWN,  and start the second week on Sun July 14 at the same time after dinner on their own.
TIME: 9:00am-3:00pm (9:00-11:00 class; 11:15-12:15 presentation/conversation between guests and instructor; 12:15-1:00 lunch break; 1:00-3:00 afternoon activity with guest. On the off-campus tour days, the time frame is 9:00am-3:00pm excluding travel, unless some of the long travel time is used as class time with language-based games and activities on the bus.
LOCATION: Schmitt Hall 110
FULL PRICE FOR RESIDENTS: $1,357 (tuition, board, room, and activities). Broken down as follows:
TUITION: $825 (non-residential students are responsible for this cost only but they are expected to provide their own food either by buying it on campus or bringing it from home)
ROOM and BOARD for residential students: TOTAL = $532 [$288 double room in the Machuga Heights dorm – Note: $20 extra for bed linens not included) + $244 (meals)]
Note: Students will have breakfasts at 7:45am and dinners together at 6:30pm as a group at Sam’s Place, and will carry a lunch box to class after breakfast.
LUNCHES for non-residential students only (optional): $65.40
PARKING: $26.66 for the whole duration of the program. The permit can be purchased online here after May 1.


Do you have any questions? Please visit our FAQ PAGE, and for further inquiries contact Dr. Teresa Fiore at 

Taught in the target language by an experienced native speaker, the course immerses students in the language and culture with an emphasis on verbal skills which allows students to break the communication barrier. Students will be empowered to express emotions and personal opinions more comfortably while preparing for upper-level Italian courses, including the Italian AP exam. The course ITAL 240 (Intensive Italian Bridge Course) includes thematically-structured units on such topics as: immigration and Italian identity; Made in Italy (food, fashion) and sustainability, and draws from authentic materials including films, advertising, YouTube videos, music, news, etc. Overall, students benefit from an engaging college experience on a campus that boasts a dynamic Italian program and proximity to New York City for enriching cultural activities and tours. Upon completion, they earn college credits that are valid at Montclair and cooperating universities.

Guided tours

Week 1: Eataly and the Tenement Museum
Week 2: The Met and iconic Italian spots of NYC

Afternoon activities

Confirmed guests (dates, bios and photos coming soon)

Week 1
Emilia D’Albero (alumna of the Italian Program at Montclair)
Giulia Baldini: Afro-Italian fashion blogger teaching in New York
Julian Mossuto, Italian-speaking Adidas Soccer Brand Marketing Specialist and soccer expert

Week 2
Maria D. Rapicavoli, Italian multi-media artist based in New York


Program director and instructor for 2024: Teresa Fiore 

Teresa Fiore (Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies and Professor of Italian) is a widely published scholar; coordinator of interdisciplinary cultural programming; and the recipient of awards and grants. As a faculty member, she is strongly committed to curriculum innovation and pedagogical experimentation in dialogue with the high school system. Since 2017, for the summer program she has served as the supervisor for content and activities, the active liaison with a variety of offices on campus as well as with supporting institutions and individuals off campus. To learn about the projects she has spearheaded and coordinated over the years (and continues to support via the Inserra Endowed Chair) in order to strengthen the relationships between the HS and university systems, see here.

This program was originally designed by Patricia Grunther who served as coordinator between 2017 and 2023 before retiring. Marisa Trubiano served as co-director of the first three editions of the program.

Coordinator and RA for 2024: Steven Jacobs

Ciao! I’m a Ph.D. student in the Italian Department at Rutgers University. I have a wide range of experience in summer programs: I have worked as a camp counselor, a site monitor for the City of New York’s Summer Youth Employment Program, and an Italian instructor for the Rutgers in Rome program. By day, I guide eager minds through the intricacies of grammar, vocabulary, and texts, trying to ignite a spark of curiosity and appreciation for the Italian language and culture. But when the sun sets, I trade my books for basketballs and hiking boots. In my free time, I enjoy shooting hoops, experimenting with new Italian dishes in the kitchen, and exploring the great outdoors. Join us this summer for an enriching experience that combines academic rigor with cultural exploration and a sense of community!

Intern for 2024: Nick Sardina (Watchung Hills Regional High School)

Nick, an alumnus of Montclair’s Summer Italian Intensive Program, is a seventeen-year-old Italian-American from Watchung, NJ. In high school he achieved the Seal of Biliteracy in Italian and is a proud member of the National Honor Society for Italian. Nick’s passion for the Italian language is present in almost every facet of his life as he speaks it at home, work, and school. He is currently employed at the Stirling Hotel in Stirling, NJ, as an expediter, aiding his coworkers to success by helping them learn better customer service, communication, and efficiency.

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