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WEW at Montclair State

Women Entrepreneurship Week (WEW) nurtures, inspires and energizes female founders around the world. WEW started in 2014 at Montclair State University.

In 2019, Montclair State held two WEW events, offering inspiration and practical advice from female founders. Our Oct. 21, 2019 event showcased a panel of successful food industry entrepreneurs. Our Oct. 23, 2019 WEW Conference featured short TED-style talks from successful women entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, plus a panel of tech entrepreneurs. The WEW Conference culminated with Google’s #IamRemarkable workshop, which was presented at a university for the first time. We offered free child care during the WEW Conference, making it easier for any parent to attend.

More information on both events including list of speakers.

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