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Fridays with ITDS – Apr. 8

Join us for a conversation on how to manage implicit bias in the classroom with Dr. Milton Fuentes!

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Featured Guest: Dr. Milton Fuentes, Professor, Psychology
When: April 8, 2022 at 10 a.m.
Where: Live via Zoom

Dr. Milton Fuentes joins Fridays with ITDS to discuss ways to manage implicit bias in the classroom by addressing and understanding bias, building cultural consciousness, and using technology to ensure an equitable learning experience for all students. Strategies for introspective reflection on our hidden biases along with specific steps to address them in your teaching will be shared.

Dr. Milton A. Fuentes is a prolific scholar, writing and presenting extensively on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Fuentes has helped academic campuses and community-based agencies center EDI in their mission and strategic planning efforts. Dr. Fuentes is currently a professor in the psychology department at Montclair State University as well as a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York.

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