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DesignPLUS Updates Coming December 13th

All faculty will have access to the NEW DesignPLUS Sidebar – come see how it can be leveraged for course design

Posted in: Announcement, Canvas & Software Updates

Banner announcing a new update

DesignPLUS for Canvas, created by Cidi Labs, is a toolset designed for instructional designers and faculty to more efficiently create robust, high-quality course templates and content to deliver a better student experience. DesignPLUS includes the Content Editor Toolbox, the Multi-Tool, and the Upload/Embed Image Tool.

ITDS staff will update to the latest version of DesignPLUS on December 13, 2023. Current DesignPLUS users will be notified of the transition and are welcome to attend our DesignPLUS 104 workshop, made specifically to cater to users of the previous DesignPLUS version.

Additionally, all faculty and other members of the community with Canvas edit access will now be able to use DesignPLUS by default. While training is still recommended, any editor will be able to access DesignPLUS with the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

For more information on this update, please review the following guides:

  • What’s New – An overview of what has changed with the new Sidebar and why, as well as a list of new features and capabilities.
  • Version Feature Comparison – See the similarities and differences between the legacy and new Sidebar.  This document also shows feature parity by identifying where the legacy sidebar features are found in the new Sidebar.
  • Styling Legacy Content – If you’ve been using the legacy sidebar for a while and have lots of pages with legacy content, this guide will help you see how to upgrade a page so that it is compatible with the new Sidebar.

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