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Fridays with ITDS – January 26

Christopher Donoghue joins Fridays with ITDS for a conversation on strategies you can implement to create a supportive classroom!

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Teaching with Empathy at Montclair: Student Belonging & Pedagogy of Care

When: January 26, 2024 at 11:00am
Where: Live via Zoom

Leveraging technology and practicing a pedagogy of care to foster a sense of belonging in your classroom can aid in addressing student needs, creating more supportive learning environments for our students. Join Christopher Donoghue, Professor of Sociology, for a conversation on specific strategies and technologies you can implement this semester and beyond to create a supportive classroom. Strategies and recommendations are informed by the findings of the University’s Student Needs & Sense of Belonging Survey.

Christopher Donoghue directs the Master’s in Social Research and Analysis, and the Certificates in Customer and User Experience Research (CX/UX Research) and Data Collection & Management. He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology at Fordham University and his Master’s at Montclair State University. Donoghue’s research on social psychological topics in education has been published in Journal of Adolescence, Sex Education, Sociological Studies of Children & Youth, Children and Schools, Qualitative Research in Education, Sociological Forum, The Social Science Journal, Multicultural Education and The Journal of Emotional Education.

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