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Public Gallery for Online Courses

The public gallery introduces you with examples and ideas of Canvas course template which allows you to start with an interactive course structure and customize it, as well as the Canvas page design tool that will help to create high-quality pages more efficiently for your online courses.

Model Course

Our course templates are customized for each program so that the courses under the program have a similar look and feel. Our course design model, OCIA, includes pedagogical alignment between content, interaction, and assessments.

Below, you will find screenshots of an example course. If you are logged into Canvas, you can get a live preview of an example course.

Homepage Design Ideas

The following homepage examples are created by using DesignPLUS for Canvas, created by Cidi Labs. DesignPlus is a toolset designed for instructional designers to more efficiently create robust, high-quality course templates and content to deliver a better student experience. DesignPLUS includes the Content Editor Toolbox, the Multi-Tool, and the Upload/Embed Image Tool.

Montclair State University has procured a site-wide license for DesignPLUS to make it available to all faculty on campus.  To receive access to the DesignPLUS toolset, please attend a DesignPLUS training session. If DesignPLUS has already been activated for your Canvas account, be sure to unhide it with the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Montclair State University Homepage Examples

Other Course Template Examples

The Canvas Community offers resources to educators. They have provided access to some example course templates.

DesignPLUS Examples