Previous Student Ambassadors

Jessica Davidson
Major: MS in Mathematics, Concentration in Mathematics Education
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
I love the creative endeavor behind what it means to truly do mathematics–whether that’s constructing an elegant advanced calculus proof or solving an open-ended problem while huddled around a virtual whiteboard, there is a certain beauty and perseverance in the process that help us all build virtues to flourish. After graduation, I hope to continue teaching non-traditionally at the undergraduate level, and perhaps one day, I’ll start my own school or math education service!
Allyn Lilien
Major: Combined B.S./M.A.T. in Mathematics with Teacher Certification in Mathematics and Teacher of Students with Disabilities. Minor in Leadership Development Through Civic Engagement.
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020 (for B.S.), May 2021 (for M.A.T.)
I enjoy math as it is so important and relevant in everyday life. In addition, I enjoy working on problems which can be solved or approached in so many ways to arrive at the same answer. I intend to be a math teacher in a middle school or high school with the possibility of becoming an administrator in my future.
Ely Schudrich
Major: Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: January 2020
I really enjoy understanding how math can be used to explain everything we know about the universe; the motion of planets, the orbits of electrons around the nucleus of an atom, and everything in between. My goal is to pursue a PhD is pure mathematics and eventually become a professor so I can research and teach math for the rest of my life.
Sam Sigmund
Major: Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021
I like math because I like problem solving and puzzles. I have always enjoyed math and science because it comes to me more naturally than other subjects. After graduation, I plan on continuing to pursue my career in the Air National Guard as an intel analyst.
Angela Harrington
Major: Mathematics, Mathematics Education concentration
Anticipated Graduation: January 2020
Math, to me, is a puzzle for which the challenge and reward of solving gives me great pleasure. I hope to research what mathematics has meant in various cultures throughout history and use that to influence math education so that more people can come to understand and see the beauty that math possesses.

Nikki Sterling
Major: Math Education
Anticipated Graduation: January 2021
The thing I love the most about math is the way it can connect you so much more to the world around you. Math is how the Universe speaks to us, and learning the language of the universe feels very powerful. My goal for my career is to become a high school mathematics teacher who can make my students feel at least a little bit of the magic that I feel when working with mathematics, and barring that at least show them that everyone has a math brain – you just need some practice using it.

Joseph Pateras
Major: Pure and Applied Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
I love the universality of mathematics and its boundless implementations. My goal is to earn a PhD after finishing my M.S.

Ala Ajaj
Major: Math Education
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Mathematics can be an intellectual challenge. The beauty of the challenge is it forces you to understand the logical reasoning behind every step, law, and rule applied. Every so often we are given a grueling problem and after much thought and logical reasoning you come to a solution. Obtaining a solution to the problem while having a complete understanding of it is the greatest feeling. My career goal is to be a secondary math teacher and change students’ often negative viewpoint of mathematics to a positive one.