graduating students at Convocation

Research Students

Students in the Mathematics Department are often involved with faculty research in the areas of mathematics education and pure & applied mathematics. Through these experiences, students in our undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs can learn first-hand about the rich world of mathematics and mathematics education research.

Student Degree Advisor Project What they’re doing now (if graduated)
Helene Leonard PhD DiNapoli AIM TRU
Su San Lim PhD DiNapoli AIM TRU
Youngjun Kim PhD DiNapoli AIM TRU
Victoria Bonaccorso PhD DiNapoli AIM TRU Adjunct Faculty at MSU (math dept)
Mustafa Mohamed PhD DiNapoli AIM TRU
Malack Amenya PhD DiNapoli Drawn2Math
Katie Monahan PhD DiNapoli PEECE
Gianna Fazzini Undergrad DiNapoli NOYCE
Rachel Lopez MS Cutler
Daniel Arabia MS Cutler Teacher – Butler, NJ
Tim Mink MS Cutler
Matthew Jakobowski MS Cutler Adjunct at MSU
Miriam Parnes MS Cutler Lecturer at Towson University
Melissa Fuentes MS Cutler PhD Candidate, University of Delaware
James Alexander MS Cutler PhD from UDel
Software Developer
Leslie Cheteyan MS Cutler Clinical Research, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Ashish Gupta MS Cutler Went into Western Michigan PhD Program
Kevin Weatherwalks Undergrad Cutler Went into UDel PhD program
Andrew Pallotto Undergrad Cutler MS in Math from Drexel
Data Scientist
Bradford Morris Undergrad Cutler Med School at UPenn
Steven Kuipers Undergrad Cutler Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellow
Nicholas Kass Undergrad Cutler PhD, Nebraska-Lincoln
Instructor at Nebraska-Omaha
Ceire Monahan PhD Munakata CMS, CUSP
Geena Taite PhD Munakata CUSP
Alfred Limbere PhD Munakata Wipro, CUSP
Susan Lim PhD Munakata IRES
Debasmita Basu PhD Panorkou ACMES Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, The New School
Erell Germia PhD Panorkou ACMES, DYME
Toni York PhD Panorkou ACMES
Youngjun Kim PhD Panorkou ACMES, DYME
Joseph Pateras MS Vaidya PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University
Joseph Fiordilino MS Vaidya PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Currently employed at Army Research Lab
Douglas Platt MS Vaidya Completed PhD in Math Education at MSU
Karima Bencharot MS Vaidya
Stephen Essein MS Vaidya
Katherine Rhodes MS Vaidya High School teacher and Adjunct at MSU
Ted Steen MS Vaidya High School teacher and Adjunct at MSU
David Baron MS Vaidya Independently employed
Blas Ortega MS Vaidya High School teacher in Texas
Peter Nolan MS Vaidya/Nita Earned PhD at Virginia Tech
Ryan Allaire MS Vaidya/Nita PhD at NJIT
Andrew Mauro MS Vaidya High School teacher
Joseph DeGaetani MS Bal Mathematics Graduate Student University of Delaware
Adam Cartisano MS Bal Mathematics Graduate student Oklahoma State University
Ely Schudrich MS Bal
Patrick Palka Undergrad Bal Software Engineer
Joao Paulo Dos Santos Ferreira Undergrad Bal Software Engineer