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Research Facilities

The Department of Mathematics houses several research facilities in which many faculty conduct their exciting research projects. Learn about some of our labs below.

Complex Fluids Lab

Dr. Ashwin Vaidya
RICH 245

The Complex Fluids Lab is devoted to experiments and theoretical investigations of problems on fluid structure interaction, sedimentation, and viscoelastic fluid flow, among others. Please visit the Complex Fluids Lab website to learn more.

Digital Design Lab

Dr. Steven Greenstein

CSAM’s Digital Design Lab supports research and innovation at the intersection of digital fabrication technologies, human-centered design practices, and constructionist orientations to experiences in the scientific, mathematical, and computational arts. The lab is expressly designed and equipped to support new possibilities afforded by the design of new “things to think with,” such as new tools for teaching and learning. It currently supports the Prospective Teachers Making for Mathematical Learning project, which incorporates a novel Making experience into the preparation of prospective mathematics teachers and documents what they learn – about teaching and about themselves – as they make new manipulatives for learning mathematics. Learn more at the TeacherMakers website.