2023 CSAM Student Celebration Poster Session

Student Ambassadors

Megan Akdemir
Major: Combined BS/MAT in Mathematics with Teacher Certification in Mathematics and Teacher of Students with Disabilities
Anticipated Graduation: May 2024 (BS), May 2025 (MAT)
Mathematics is nerve racking for many students, but I appreciate a good challenge. What I like most about the subject is that it leads to questions that I know can be answered through making sense of what I already know. Subjects such as integration and series may not be useful for all people, but one thing is certain: working through and understanding such topics builds intelligence and critical thinking skills that other subjects cannot.
Taiwo Akingbesote
Major: Combined BS/MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2025 (BS), May 2026 (MS)
The allure of mathematics extends far beyond the satisfaction derived from conquering challenging problems. It’s a discipline that not only sharpens the mind but also nurtures critical thinking. This multifaceted beauty of mathematics is what has kindled my profound love for it.

What’s particularly fascinating is how mathematics seamlessly integrates into the modern world. If you had told my high school self that mathematics could be used to predict the future and drive innovation, I would have chuckled in disbelief. Yet, here I am, witnessing the sheer versatility of mathematics and the wondrous possibilities it unlocks.

As someone with a data-driven mindset, my aspiration is to harness my mathematical skills and meld them with contemporary trends. I envision myself delving into the realms of programming languages, artificial intelligence, and quantitative research. The synergy of mathematics and technology is a gateway to a world where data analysis, prediction, and problem-solving become second nature.

In this exciting journey, I aim to not only further my understanding of mathematics but also apply it practically in a way that shapes the future and contributes to the evolving landscape of knowledge.

Ryan Avallone
Major: BS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2026
To me, Mathematics is so many things beyond just numbers. Math is an explanation to how the world works and how everything in it behaves. Each math problem is a new puzzle that can only be solved with critical thinking and creativity. And those skills learned in these problems apply to everything outside of it, reshaping the world around you. Being a person who is so deeply involved in math but also music, it adds a new depth to every note I hear and every note I sing. It creates a new deeper connection to the art I create that I would never be able to achieve otherwise, connecting both the left and right side of my brain in the most beautiful, logical, and artistic ways. I would like to go further in my mathematics education, working towards my masters and a PhD degree so I can become a college professor and spread the same joy I see in mathematics to others.
Kaitlyn Cohan
Major: BS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2024
I have always loved finding the patterns of the world and trying to find equations waiting to be uncovered. Math classes were always my favorite and I take great satisfaction when I am able to finish a difficult problem. The way that math touches every aspect of life both intrigues and excites me. I am pursuing a Mathematics degree with the hope of becoming a college professor to help encourage others to find the beauty in math the way I see it.
Rocco Julian
Major: BS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2025
I find mathematics infinitely fascinating. It’s a beautiful polymerization of logical problem solving and creative thinking. I enjoy how simple ideas and concepts can generate such complex things. Most of all though, I enjoy the problem solving aspect of mathematics. I like being challenged with a problem, thinking it through, and coming to a solution, even if it takes a while. Math is not just about the destination but more so the journey. The twists and turns you will encounter and overcome will make you a better mathematician and person. I hope you enjoy your journey. I intend to pursue a PHD in mathematics and doing research so I can continue to solve problems.
Vlad Nita
Major: Combined BS/MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2025
The main reason why I love Math is its interconnectedness to so many things within the subject and outside of it. You never learn about something in a vacuum–it always connects to other concepts in Math, in Music and Education, in Art and Programming, in everyday things and high level topics. It’s a kind of infinite puzzle, and I have a lot of fun connecting the pieces together.

After I graduate, I hope to choose a path that lets me continue to learn and explore math. A PhD degree is definitely something I want to pursue, and hopefully I can continue to be involved in research from all sides of math.

Ella Oren-Dahan
Major: Combined BS/MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2023/2024
I love the creativity of math. The fact that all you really need to better understand the world is manipulating already known mathematics. You can always find an answer (even if it’ll take 500 years). As well as how mathematics is literally an entire field of questions, problem solving and manipulating numbers/theories.
My goal post graduation is to pursue a PhD in pure mathematics and research math after working in the field.
Preston Pietruszewski
Major: Combined BS/MAT in Mathematics with Teacher Certification in Mathematics and Teacher of Students with Disabilities
Anticipated Graduation: May 2026 (BS) and May 2027 (MAT)
Something interesting about math is how it is intertwined with everything in life. Science, cooking, the human body, nature and much more! That’s what I love about math, the immense variety of it. There are so many different branches of mathematics and even more unknown information about them. I hope that my love for math can be transferred to my students, the future mathematicians of our world!
Stephanie Smith
Major: BS in Mathematics w/ Teaching P-12 Certification
Anticipated Graduation: May 2024
Math has so much depth to it, and is one of the many reasons I love the subject. It contains a level of creativity, allowing each and every person to find new and innovative ways to solve a problem. It is useful, through its applications to anything and everything we do on a daily basis. It is challenging, allowing you to push yourself beyond what you think you know. Ultimately, it is incredibly rewarding. Once you discover your love for math, you will realize how beautiful it really is. As a future educator, I can’t wait to inspire my students and encourage them in their own love of math.