Student Ambassadors

Sarah Acquaviva
Major: MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2023
Math has always been the most interesting subject to me; I decided that I wanted to pursue an advanced degree in math during my seventh grade Pre-Algebra class. I enjoy tackling complex problems and appreciate the logic and rationality necessary for doing so. After I graduate, I hope to pursue a career in mathematics that is both challenging and fulfilling.
Megan Akdemir
Major: Combined BS/MAT in Mathematics with Teacher Certification in Mathematics and Teacher of Students with Disabilities
Anticipated Graduation: May 2024 (B.S.), May 2025 (M.A.T.)
Mathematics is nerve racking for many students, but I appreciate a good challenge. What I like most about the subject is that it leads to questions that I know can be answered through making sense of what I already know. Subjects such as integration and series may not be useful for all people, but one thing is certain: working through and understanding such topics builds intelligence and critical thinking skills that other subjects cannot.
Cristina Flores
Major: BS in Mathematics and MA in Social Research
Anticipated Graduation: BS – Spring 2023, MA – Fall 2023
What I like about math and my goals after graduation: I love mathematics because of how straight forward it is. Yes, mathematics has a broad range of topics like Calculus, Statistics, Probability, etc. But when it comes down to solving a problem, there is always an answer for everything! Problem-solving skills are crucial for our daily lives and mathematics is one way to strengthen those skills. My goal is to become a Social Research Analyst so I can investigate social issues using both qualitative and quantitative data. I will definitely be able to use my problem solving skills I learned from mathematics and apply it to improve societal issues.
Roland Hutchinson
Major: MS in Mathematics, Concentration in Pure Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2022
What’s not to like about math?
Mathematics provides scope for human creativity at the highest levels, just like (for example) art, music, or literature. That’s not too shabby for a discipline all of whose products are essentially elaborate tautologies! Math furnishes remarkable tools for understanding the physical world, but that is not my reason for doing math. (Others feel differently; that’s okay, too.) Mathematical discoveries endure: the Pythagorean Theorem, known from antiquity in many parts of the world, is Still Valid After All These Years.
My goal, unlikely to be achieved, is to keep on learning mathematics until I am content with the amount that I know. Maybe I can discover a few new bits in the meanwhile, maybe induce a few others to recognize the nature and value of mathematics.
Georgi Naumov
Major: BS in Mathematics and BA in Economics
Anticipated Graduation: December 2023
I like mathematics because it is the language of nature. Mathematics gives us the opportunity to explore nature and discover new things about it. With its use our imagination widens and it is an equipment that gives us confidence to unveil the secrets of our world. After graduation, I want to continue gaining knowledge about mathematics with enrolling into a graduate school. Then I will be able to jump into the beautiful opportunities that this science provides and apply my knowledge in other areas of the natural sciences. I still am unsure in what area of study I want to be working in the future, but I am open to engage in different jobs that include mathematics.
Vlad Nita
Major: Combined BS/MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2025
The main reason why I love Math is its interconnectedness to so many things within the subject and outside of it. You never learn about something in a vacuum–it always connects to other concepts in Math, in Music and Education, in Art and Programming, in everyday things and high level topics. It’s a kind of infinite puzzle, and I have a lot of fun connecting the pieces together.

After I graduate, I hope to choose a path that lets me continue to learn and explore math. A PhD degree is definitely something I want to pursue, and hopefully I can continue to be involved in research from all sides of math.

John O’Meara
Major: MS in Mathematics, Concentration in Mathematics Education
Anticipated Graduation: May 2022
What I find most engaging about math is the ability to generate patterns of thought through precise and logical statements and conclusions; there is so much power in the structures that we as a society study through mathematics, and I look forward to continuing to gain deeper insight into these connections as I continue my studies! Currently, I plan to continue working on completing my actuarial exams as I seek out Ph.D. programs to continue on my path into academia.
Ella Oren-Dahan
Major: Combined BS/MS in Mathematics
Anticipated Graduation: May 2023/2024
I love the creativity of math. The fact that all you really need to better understand the world is manipulating already known mathematics. You can always find an answer (even if it’ll take 500 years). As well as how mathematics is literally an entire field of questions, problem solving and manipulating numbers/theories.
My goal post graduation is to eventually pursue a PhD in pure mathematics so that I can research math after working in the field.
Erick Tapia
Major: BS in Mathematics/BS in Computer Science
Anticipated Graduation: May 2023
Plenty have been the problems I solved throughout my journey to be here today. I hope to fulfill my dream to help others with my knowledge and guide them based on my experience. I study with the intent of innovating society one day…

Through Mathematics, I have been able to accomplish meaningful goals: I tutor to inspire and encourage people to dream bigger, I keep learning to sharpen my proficiency in problem solving, I use my knowledge to offer significant solutions. The presence and use of Mathematics are boundless! It expresses itself in nature, technology, economy, and hence society itself. As mathematicians, we not only analyze numbers but also use logical reason and facts to reach conclusions, which help us find answers in the pursuit of truth.