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Carina Amaral

Student Spotlight – Carina Amaral

History major Carina Amaral is discovering that math can be fun!

Sydney Winter and Dr. Mika Munakata at AMTNJ 2023

STEM-4-STEM Scholars at AMTNJ

John O'Meara leading a PD session and Ursula Derios directing people into the Wipro course

Doctoral Students Facilitate Wipro PD

Math Ed PhD candidates Ursula Derios and John O’Meara facilitated professional development workshops as part of the Wipro Science Education Fellowship teacher leadership program

pmena working group with Amanda Provost

Doctoral candidate co-leads working group on Gender and Sexuality in Math Education

Amanda Provost co-lead the group with five other researchers from across the world

Julian Putnam, MoMath

Math grad lands full-time job at MoMath

students presenting at PME-NA 2023

MSU Modeling Group Presents at PME-NA2023

They presented on their brief research report, “Increasing Student Engagement in Mathematical Modeling Through Teacher Professional Development”

Raquel Marques

Student Spotlight – Raquel Marques

Elementary Education major Raquel Marques has a newfound love for mathematics

The three cases of inscribed angles (Roscoe, 2012)

Masters students publish article about geometry activity

A second article from Dr. Panorkou’s MATH 513 class was published in the Winter 2023 AMTNJ Journal

Anthony Rappa hockey practice

Masters students publish an article in NJ Mathematics Teacher Journal

Analyzing Students’ Interpretations of Slope Using Stories was published in the Winter 2023 issue

2023 CSAM Student Celebration Poster Session

Mathematics Students at the CSAM Summer Research Program Poster Session

On Wednesday, September 13th, the College of Science and Mathematics hosted an afternoon to celebrate students who are engaged in research.

Incoming Class of Math Majors at MSU

Welcoming the incoming class of math majors

Jessica Scheinbaum at NASA JPL

Math Major works with NASA