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New Faculty Program Schedule

Fall 2023 Semester Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, weekly meetings will take place on Mondays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the Feliciano School of Business (SBUS) Room 140. The Canvas LMS “New Faculty community,” to which new faculty will have access once they receive their Montclair email address, provides a space to share information. Any changes to this calendar will be posted there. As is the case for classes slated into specific time blocks, there may be overlap with religious holidays; we understand if colleagues are not able to attend those sessions.

During the course of the semester, new faculty members should participate in one or more of the sessions proposed by the Office for Faculty Excellence (OFE). We will discuss your experience of the OFE sessions when we meet with that group in December. OFE opportunities are posted here:

2023 Fall Semester Schedule (* denotes dates that NFP resource mentors are especially encouraged to attend)

August 28
Informal kick-off session with experienced colleagues and representatives from the Office for Faculty Excellence (OFE) to answer any last-minute teaching or other questions you may have (Feliciano School of Business, SBUS 140).

Three-minute survey for us to learn more about your teaching needs:

September 11*
Welcome and Introductions (3:00 pm)

Welcome from campus administrators, representatives, and new faculty program staff.

Junius Gonzales, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kenneth Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean, The Graduate School
Emily Isaacs, Executive Director, Office for Faculty Excellence
Laura Lakusta, Director of New Faculty Program
Elizabeth Emery, Director of New Faculty Program
Faculty Resource Mentors: Priya Lalvani (CEEL), Laura Nicosia (CHSS),  Michelle Zhu (CSAM), Brian Abrams (CART), Ram Dubey (SBUS), Mousumi Bose (CCHL)
Faculty/Staff Members of the African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Disability, and Latinx/a/o Caucuses: Reginia Judge, Jude Uy, Priya Lalvani, Johnny Lorenz

September 12*
Reception with President Jonathan Koppell (Details to Follow)

September 18
Support Services (3:00 pm)
Dean of Students
Margaree Coleman-Carter, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Representatives from the Office of the Dean of Students will discuss services and present           opportunities for faculty to engage with student organizations and campus life.

Equity and Title IX
Ashante Connor, Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Disability Resource Center (3:50 pm)
Jaclyn Friedman-Lombardo, Director of the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
Meghan Hearns, Director of the Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Group and College Photos (Tentative Location: Courtyard at Feliciano School of Business, 4:45-5:15 pm)

September 25
Get to Know your Dean/Director (3:00 pm: location announced by respective school or college)
Each dean will present their vision and expectations for faculty, describe the different centers and departments, and introduce staff members.

October 2
Supporting Faculty Research Initiatives (3:00 pm)

Kenneth Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Psychology
Stefanie Brachfeld, Acting Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Marine Biology
Frederic “Ted” Russo, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
Kimberly Bazylewicz, Director of Research Compliance, Research Compliance and Regulatory Programs
Dana Levitt, Professor of Counseling and Chair of the Institutional Review Board
Amy Krenzer, Human Research Protection Analyst

October 9*
Question/Answer with Faculty Representatives of the American Federation of Teachers and University Senate (3:00 pm)
Richard Wolfson, Professor, Dept. of Teaching and Learning; President, AFT Local 1904,

Erik Jacobson, Professor, Dept. of Teaching and Learning; President, University Senate

Early Semester Check-In with Resource Faculty (4:30 pm)

October 16
Curriculum and Technology Workshop (3:00 pm, UN5009)
Hands on activities and group-based discussions with Instructional Technology & Design Services (ITDS). Colleagues will demonstrate programs such as Panopto, Hypothesis, Lightboard, Padlet, and polling software, which can be helpful for engaging students, building learning interactivities and collaborations, and designing assessments. Montclair course design methodologies and pedagogical models will also be introduced.

A Conversation with Katia Paz Goldfarb, Associate Provost for Hispanic Initiatives and International Programs (4:30 pm – UN 5009)

October 23
How to Support Student Success Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Part 1: (3:00 pm)
Emily Issacs, Executive Director, Office for Faculty Excellence

Part 2: (4:00 pm)
Danielle Insalaco-Egan, Acting Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Acting Dean of University College
Julie Mazur, Assistant Provost for Academic Success and Tutoring
Daniel Jean, Assistant Provost for Special Programs, EOF and Academic Success

October 30
Information Exchange and Networking – Part 1 (3:00 pm)
Information Technology: Summer Jones, Associate Vice President, Technical Support Services
University Galleries: Megan C. Austin, Director, Jesse Firestone, Curator and Exhibition Coordinator, and Alyssa Leslie Villasenor, Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
Office of International Academic Initiatives: Timothy White, Director of International Academic Initiatives and Brooke Klinger, Program Associate, International Academic Initiatives
Campus Safety: Chief Kieran Barrett, Associate Vice President and Chief of the Montclair State University Police Department

Information Exchange and Networking – Part 2 (4:00)
Center for Community Engagement: Dana Natale, Director of University Community Action Nexus (UCAN) and Krystal Woolston, Assistant Director of Center for Community Engagement
Corporate and Foundation Relations: Ruth Kunstadter, Associate Director, Corps & Founds
Procurement Services: Christine Palma, Associate Vice President of Procurement Services; Shawn Laidlaw, Director of Procurement Services
Library Services: Danianne Mizzy, Dean of Library Services

November 6*

Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion (3:00 pm)
Kenneth Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean, The Graduate School
Mary Colon, Assistant Vice President for Academic Personnel

Check-in and Discussion with Faculty Mentors (4:00 pm)

November 9
Optional New Faculty Outing to a Campus Performance (to be confirmed)

November 13 (Location: Library’s First Floor Reading Room 139) 

Optional “Meet Your Library Liaison” Reception (2:30 pm to 3:00 pm)

How to Showcase Your Work

Library Resources: Digital Commons, Research NJ, Scholarly Metrics, and Media Outreach (3:00 pm)
Catherine Baird, Online and Outreach Librarian
Siobhan McCarthy, Reference Librarian

Media Boot Camp 101 (4:00 pm)
Andrew Mees, Assistant Director; Elyse Toribio, Media Relations Coordinator

November 20*
Faculty Scholarship Program (FSP) (3:00 pm)
Kenneth Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean, The Graduate School

FSP Working Groups (4:00 pm)
Faculty will bring model narratives and converse in small groups about their respective research agendas. The resource faculty will facilitate and provide suggestions as needed.

November 27
College/School Session (3:00 pm: Location announced by respective Dean/Director’s Office)

December 4*
Panel Discussion: The Tenure Experience (3:00 pm)

Recently tenured faculty will share their experiences regarding the tenure process at MSU followed by discussion with resource faculty.

Dr. Edmond Berisha, Associate Professor, Economics

Dr. Jessica Bacon, Associate Professor, Department of Teachingand Learning

Dr. Michael Viega, Associate Professor of Music

Dr. Weitian Wang, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Jazmin Reyes-Portillo, Associate Professor of Psychology

Faculty Mentor discussion and semester recap (4:00 pm)

December 11*                                

Tips for Closing out the Term and Spring Planning (OFE) (3:00)
Emily Isaacs, Executive Director of the Office for Faculty Excellence

Words from Associate Provost Sumner (3:45 pm)

President’s Winter Celebration (4:15 pm)

2024 Spring Semester Schedule

February 5
Applicant submits FSP Proposal to Department Chairperson

February 5 (Location to be confirmed)
Meeting with President Koppell (3:00 pm)

During Month of February 2024 (TBA)
Reappointment Conversation

Department Chairs and PAC Chairs will arrange for a conversation with each of their first-year, tenure-track faculty member(s) to: Assess the new faculty member’s progress and performance in his or her first year (first semester for Jan. hires); Offer guidance and mentoring in anticipation of the new faculty member’s application for reappointment in the fall 2023 semester.    

March 25

Interfolio Session for Reappointment Process (Via ZOOM)

Kenneth Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean, The Graduate School
Mary Colon, Assistant Vice President for Academic Personnel Services

March 26
Optional:  MSU’s University Galleries (6:30 pm – 8:30 pm)

The Circle of Arts
George Segal Gallery

An evening uniting the visual arts, poetry, and music through three interconnected performances, moderated by Johnny Lorenz. Presented in collaboration with the English Department and the Cali School of Music.

April 15
Final Session, Wrap Up and Looking Forward (3:00 pm)
Program Director and Faculty Mentors

Navigating Curricular Processes (3:30 pm)
Joanne Cote-Bonanno, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment; Barbara Ritola, Director for Curriculum and Articulation

Words from Provost Gonzales (4:00 pm)
End-of-Term Networking Social with Deans and Presenters

April 15
Optional:  New Faculty experience the Recreation Center:

New Faculty are able to use facilities for free! There will be a list of your names at the front desk. Just check in when you get there!