Students sitting outside of Bohn Hall Having a conversation.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing (G.I.H.) is a living opportunity for students to select their suitemates beyond the boundaries of gender constrictions. Montclair State University is proud to offer Gender Inclusive Housing in all of our residential communities, with the exception of Bohn Hall and Stone Hall. G.I.H. is a housing option, which means students will be able to select this option as part of the general housing selection process. Being in a gender inclusive space does not guarantee a specific housing style accommodation. Please be aware that you may not be able to select a space depending on the size of your group and availability.

Gender Inclusive Housing Criteria

The Gender Inclusive Housing option is integrated with the general housing selection process. There are a few steps to ensure you can participate in the process:

  • Pay your housing application fee.
  • Complete the Gender Inclusive Housing agreement in RMS prior to your housing selection date and time.
  • Decide and arrange your Gender Inclusive Housing group. To be eligible for this process, you must fill the entire suite that you are looking to live in. For example, if you are looking to live in Blanton Hall in two doubles, you would need to have a group of four (4). Person requirements are broken down by building below:
    • The Village and Hawk Crossings – four (4) people
    • Blanton, Freeman, Russ Halls – up to five (5) people
    • The Heights – two (2) people
    • Sinatra Hall – up to six (6) people
    • Bohn and Stone Halls – not applicable
  • All students within your G.I.H. group MUST complete a G.I.H. agreement in RMS.
  • Students who opt-out of the Gender Inclusive Housing process during the housing selection process will need to select housing in a single-gendered space.