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Featured Awards – October 2018

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Colette Feehan • Biology
Promoting the Health and Resiliency of Florida’s Coral Reef Ecosystem: Enhancing Herbivory by Restoring Long-spined Urchin (Diadema antillarum) Habitat
Department of the Interior – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
With this supplement award from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Dr. Feehan and her team will further continue to conduct research to examine the health and resiliency of Florida’s coral reef ecosystem.

Yvonne Gindt • Chemistry and Biochemistry
DNA Repair under Extreme Conditions – Extended Studies – Year 2
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
With this continued support as a subaward from Temple University, Dr. Gindt will continue to study DNA repair by characterizing and comparing photolyases cloned from a hyperthermophile and a psychrophile to investigate the development of key biological processes relevant to the origin of life on Earth and the search for life elsewhere.

Tamara Leech • Public Health
SAMHSA Young Adult Survey – Year 2
Trustees of Indiana University
This project will continue to address the lack of available data on young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years old in support of a program designed to address two of the nation’s top substance abuse prevention priorities: underage drinking among persons aged 12 to 20; and prescription drug misuse and abuse among persons aged 12 to 25 through year two of this project. Supported by a subaward from Indiana University, Dr. Leech will maintain, analyze and report results from the database containing responses to the phone survey portion of the project.

Darren Miller • University Art Galleries
General Program Support FY2019
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
This award will support professional exhibitions specifically to produce exhibition catalogs and other marketing materials to promote the shows, educational programs, outreach plans, and new audience development in the seven counties we cultivate and the general public.