The Graduate School

Grants Resource Center

The Office of Sponsored Programs has brought the Grants Resource Center (GRC) to MSU! GRC, a unit of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, provides access to a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and expertise to increase an institution’s success in securing competitive grants from federal and private sponsors. Please contact OSP at to request our user name and password for the GRC website.

Below is a list of key resources that are available through GRC.


  • Bulletin: A twice-weekly digest of funding opportunities, rules and regulations, comment requests, and meetings information from, Federal Register, and Federal Business Opportunities for colleges and universities that are eligible to be lead applicants or serve as partners.
  • GrantWeek: A weekly electronic news magazine that analyzes federal legislation, agency policies and challenges, and best practices in research administration. Much of the information is gathered on the ground in Washington by the GRC staff, offering increased insight into upcoming opportunities.
  • Deadlines: A monthly funding opportunity alert that provides 90 days’ notice of federal agencies and private foundations application deadlines, along with descriptions and program officers’ contact information.


  • GrantSearch: This is GRC’s searchable funding opportunities database. Queries begin by selecting a pre-defined academic category, which allows the user to narrow down opportunities by academic subject, activity type, sponsor, and even deadline months. Users who want more control over the query can use the keyword search at the bottom of the page.
  • Faculty Alerts: This service allows the user to choose pre-defined academic subjects, activity types, and sponsors to receive customized funding opportunity alerts via email. Users can manage all of their alerts by inputting their email address on the main page.
  • Annual Deadlines: Provides a sortable list of funding opportunities with annually repeating deadlines.
  • Limited Submissions: This sortable list highlights funding opportunities that include specific proposal limitations, such as the number of applications allowed to be submitted per school.

Funding Resources

  • Funded Proposal Library: GRC provides a collection of abstracts from proposals awarded by a wide variety of federal funders, as well as foundations and associations. Please contact OSP if you are looking for a sample from a program that is not listed so that we can contact MSU’s GRC representative.