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Proposal Submission

OSP Proposal Submission Policy (Revised June 2013)

Applicants are strongly encouraged to notify OSP as soon as they are reasonably certain that they will be submitting a proposal to an external sponsor. 
Proposals to external sponsors through OSP are required to meet the below internal proposal deadlines and should be in complete, or final, format and fully approved through Cayuse SP.

  • Single Institution Submission (Montclair State University only) – a minimum of three (3) business days advance notice are required for review, approval, and submission of completed applications.
  • Multi-Institution Submission (Montclair State University and one or more domestic collaborators)— a minimum of seven (7) business days advance notice are required for review, approval and submission of completed applications.
  • International Collaborations (Montclair State University and one or more international collaborators)— a minimum of ten (10) business days advance notice are required for review, approval and submission of completed applications.

To view the entire proposal submission policy, to include OSP’s suggested advance notice guidelines, please visit: Revised Deadline Policy

Frequently Applied to Federal Funding Agencies

Click ‌on the funding agency’s logo for proposal preparation instructions, processes, procedures, templates and samples.

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Budget Guidelines and Templates

OSP’s Budget Guidelines provide information on stipends, salaries, benefits and indirect costs. These templates for budgets and budget justifications can be used for proposal development:

Templates that include University Cost-Sharing/Matching: In some cases, a sponsor may mandate that the University cost-share/match a percentage of the total project’s costs. Once committed, this cost-share/match represents a binding commitment by the University and must be tracked and reported in its accounting system throughout the entire life of the project.  At the proposal stage, all University cost-sharing must be approved by the authorized departmental fiscal agent.

Guidance on University cost-sharing/matching can be found in OSP’s Sponsored Programs HandbookIn no circumstances will previously committed match on an active award be permitted without prior approval from the sponsor. Cost-share/match on a previously submitted proposal should not be committed on a separate proposal until the outcome of the original proposal is determined.

University, School, and Department Narratives

The following sources include Montclair State University descriptions and AY 2017-2018 statistics that can be used in developing a proposal.

Feliciano School of Business


Subaward Documents

Proposal Development Resources