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Featured Awards – December 2018

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Robert O’Hagan • Biology
Enhancement of Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Motor Transport by Manipulation of Post-Translational Microtubule Glutamylation to Maximize Neuroregeneration
New Jersey Department of Health
Dr. Robert O’Hagan’s project will focus how neurons regulate their microtubule (MT) cytoskeletons using post-translational modifications to fine-tune cytoskeletal stability and microtubule-based motor traffic. The two-part project will address 1) elucidating the molecular pathways by which MT glutamylation regulates cytoskeletal stability and kinesin-based motor transport, using the powerful genetic methods available in the microscopic roundworm C. elegans; and 2) translating this research to an established rodent model of spinal cord injury to test how genes we identify in C. elegans work in mammals.  The overall goal of this research is to discover new molecules that can be targeted therapeutically to enhance regeneration of injured neurons.

Jennifer Robinson • Center of Pedagogy
Carolina Gonzalez • Center of Pedagogy
Geraldine Koch • Center of Pedagogy
Recruiting Teachers of Color
New Jersey Department of Education
Awarded with a two-year grant, the Center of Pedagogy’s “Recruiting Teachers of Color” program will focus to recruit, prepare, support and place a diverse pool of teacher candidates that better reflect the diversity of New Jersey’s student population. MSU will commit to recruit candidates of color to teach in urban schools.

John Siekierka • Chemistry and Biochemistry
Celegene Corporation Sponsored Research Agreement: Development of Anti-Parasitic Drugs – Supplement
Celegene Corporation
With further support from the Celgene Corporation, Dr. John Siekierka will continue to provide as much mechanistic detail as they can on drug action and perform phenotypic screenings of parasites using Celgene compounds through the year of 2019. Dr. Siekierka and his team will also continue to perform a variety of imaging studies, confocal microscopy, EM and TEM to characterize drug-induced morphological changes.