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Cayuse “Sponsored Projects,” or “Cayuse SP” bridges the gap between outdated manual processes and current state of the art system for proposal routing and approval; non-financial award management and reporting.  The OSP manual routing and approval process is now replaced by a “data gathering” electronic “Internal Processing Form” with autofill functionality.  (Yes, the legacy MSU routing form is now obsolete!).

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The Office of Sponsored Programs will be able to track and report on many aspects of a specific Principal Investigator, Department, and/or College’s proposals and awards—e.g., key personnel, student involvement, scientific discipline, IT needs, and compliance considerations to name just a few!

Cayuse SP is a complementary system to Cayuse 424. As in the past, you will still use Cayuse 424 to develop and submit proposals to However, proposals sent via through 424 are electronically linked with Cayuse SP. This allows the system to autofill important budget information on your routing form, yet the routing and approval process will now lie in SP exclusively. NSF applicants will continue to use FastLane or but the approval process will take place in Cayuse SP.

And, over time, PI’s, Chairs, Deans, etc., will have instant and full real-time visibility into their respective individual and unit proposal and award activity!  OSP’s reporting to the MSU leadership and community will be significantly enhanced with Cayuse SP, with greater depth and efficiency.

We hope you enjoy using Cayuse SP. If you have any questions, please contact OSP at

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Cayuse SP Open Lab Zoom Training

Date Time Type
Tuesday, September 15 9:30am – 10:30am Open Lab
Thursday, September 17 2:30pm – 3:30pm Open Lab
Tuesday, September 22 12pm – 1pm Open Lab
Thursday, September 24 11am – 12pm Open Lab

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