Combined Dual Degree (BA/ MAT)/ Dual Certification (P-3 and TSD) Program

Coordinator: Dr. Jessica Bacon
Office: University Hall, Room 3231

Phone: 973-655-7487


  • Major in Family Science and Human Development and Professional Education Sequence in P-3 Education.

  • Undergraduates start this program with a major in Family Science and Human Development that provides a deep understanding of child development and systemic and societal issues of equity in early childhood education.

  • The program is designed to develop competencies in inclusive education to teach young children who have disabilities alongside those who do not.

  • Students complete general education and major requirements and an initial set of coursework in education as undergraduates.

  • As graduate students, they complete the coursework in education and complete a yearlong clinical fieldwork experience.

  • The program is run in a cohort model for professional coursework and requires a five year commitment. The 153-credit program is run in a cohort model.