Montclair State University student in knee-deep waters



Our Aspirational photography style captures our promise to deliver an education that lifts people up. Foregrounded in a variety of vivid, inspiring settings, subjects are shown looking up – or are shot from angles that suggest this – in a visual representation of aspiration, contemplation, potential and achievement.

Collage of aspirational photography


Photography has the power to connect with people in a way that words often can’t. While our logo, colors and typography make us recognizable at a surface level, it’s images like these that bring our community and our campus to life, and add a deep sense of humanity and storytelling to our materials. Subjects should always feel natural, unposed, and in a storytelling setting, letting the audience experience a moment in time.

Collage of contextual photography

Our Montclair State SmugMug Gallery is a go-to source for dynamic images that support the University brand and message in print and electronic media. We also provide the news media and other external outlets with images for editorial use or display. For further assistance with photography needs contact Randi Rosh at

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