Photo of Montclair State University Instagram account page.

Social Media Community Standards

Thank you for participating in Montclair State University’s social media communities. The University has established these Social Media Community Standards to govern your posts.

The University’s official social media accounts (Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube) are administered and moderated by University Communications and Marketing. Additionally, individual colleges, schools, and departments within the University administer other accounts across multiple social media channels. The administrators of any and all Montclair State accounts reserve the right to delete comments, replies or other content and interactions that they deem to be in violation of the University’s Social Media Community Standards or in violation of the social media platforms’ community standards listed below. The administrators may also take action to report, block or ban users from social media platforms for violations.

Social media submissions that will be removed and reported may include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassing, intimidating or threatening comments to another person
  • Comments that incite violence or other action in violation of any federal or state anti-discrimination laws
  • Sexually explicit and sexually vulgar language and profanity
  • Comments that promote illegal activity
  • Solicitations or promotions of products or services of any third party, unless approved in advance by the Vice President for University Communications & Marketing or designee
  • Comments that include false or defamatory information
  • Posts that misrepresent or hide the poster’s identity
  • Comments that violate privacy or confidentiality
  • Comments unrelated to the topic or to the University community
  • Repetitive comments and spam posts

Additional Community Standards for each social media platform are found here: