Rocky the Red Hawk celebrating with Montclair State University students

Red Hawk Brand Guide

Use of “Red Hawk” and “Hawk”

Our official athletics nickname is the “Red Hawks.” The following are the guidelines for proper use of “Red Hawk” or “Hawk” as well as the use of the Red Hawk icon.

Titles with “Red Hawk” and “Hawk”

To avoid overuse of Red Hawk and Hawk in the name or title of a program, service, event etc., all such proposed uses must be approved in advance by the Office of University Communications & Marketing. The approximately 40 uses as of October 2020 are allowed to continue. Any future use must be requested in writing in advance and include a justification.

Writing “Red Hawk”

  • “Red Hawk” should always be written as two separate words.
  • “Redhawk” and “RedHawk” are unacceptable.
  • The “R” in Red and the “H” in Hawk should always be capitalized

The Red Hawk icon captures the pride and excitement that our students have for their Montclair State clubs.The Red Hawk icon may be used alone or with your club name positioned underneath. Allow for 3/16” of space on all sides of the image.

athletics hawk gray

Red Hawk Athletics Logo

The Red Hawk Athletics logo is a strong symbol of University pride and excitement for our athletic teams. Its reach extends beyond Montclair State’s campus and community and enhances our Red Hawk brand.

The Montclair State Red Hawk athletic logo and its sub-brands are for the exclusive use by our intercollegiate teams. The logo is not to be used to represent the University’s administrative, academic programs or clubs and organizations.

both the head-only and full-body hawk logos with type

Rocky the Red Hawk

Rocky staring down the hawk statue

Rocky the Red Hawk is separate from the Red Hawk Athletics logo and is managed by the Office of Student Communications. Please see their information about how to use Rocky in your communications appropriately.

Rocky the Red Hawk Brand Guide

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