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Immunization Checkups

Learn How to Resolve Immunization Holds and Ask Questions!

Infographic about the 20-20-20 rules

Give Your Eyes a Break

Written by Carol Miller, BSN, RN

Get Tested!

FREE HIV Testing

Image of a cell phone screen with a poop emoji.

What’s On Your Cell Phone?

A study has revealed a new source of infections – your cell phone.

Student getting checked out by a health professional

Preparing for an Appointment at the University Health Center

By Susan Graziano, MSN, APN

woman sneezing

Take As Directed

By Patricia M. Ruiz, DNP

A snowman made out of apples.

Winter Break Wellness Tips

Author: Patricia Ruiz, DNP, APN

Color graphic about antibiotics

What to Know about Antibiotics

A pen over a Nutritional Information label.

Reading A Food Label

Author: Patricia M. Ruiz, DNP, APN

White, male holding his hands, crossed over his pants

Testicular Cancer

Written by Susan Graziano, APN

Graphic with a red background and white ribbon symbol with the words Get Tested.

Free HIV Testing

Tuesday, October 16 & Wednesday, October 17, University Health Center.

Diverse, inclusive, accepting, welcoming, safe space for everyone

We are A Safe Space

Written by Susan Graziano, MSN, APN